Return to the Centre of the Earth 180gram Signed double vinyl

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'Return to the Centre of the Earth’ has been re-issued to complement the newly extended and re-recorded edition of ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Earth’, and comes beautifully packaged as a 180g heavyweight gatefold LP, complete with new, original artwork from legendary artist Roger Dean.

A Side

A1 A Vision 2:33 A2 The Return Overture 2:40 Mother Earth 3:48 A3.a The Shadow Of June
A3.b The Gallery
A3.c The Avenue Of Prismed Light
A3.d The Earthquake
A4 Buried Alive Vocals – Ozzy Osbourne 6:01 A5 The Enigma 1:18 A6 Is Anybody There? Vocals – Bonnie Tyler 6:35

B Side

B1 The Ravine 0:50 B2 The Dance Of A Thousand Lights 5:41 B3 The Shepherd 2:01 B4 Mr Slow 3:47 B5 Bridge Of Time 1:12 B6 Never Is A Long, Long Time Vocals, Guitar – Trevor Rabin, 5:19

C Side

Tales From The Lidenbrook Sea   2:57

C1.a River Of Hope
C1.b Hunter And Hunter
C1.c Fight For Life
C2 The Kill 5:23 C3 Timeless History 1:11 C4 Still Waters Run Deep Vocals – Justin Hayward 5:21 Time Within Time 2:39

D Side

D1.a The Ebbing Tide
D1.b The Electric Storm
D2 Ride Of Your Life Vocals – Katrina Leskanich 6:02 Floating 1:59 D3.a Globes Of Fire
D3.b Cascades Of Fear
D4 Floodflames 2:00 The Volcano 2:10 D5.a Tongues Of Fire
D5.b The Blue Mountains
D6 The End Of The Return 5:24