Return to the Centre of the Earth 180gram double vinyl


Return to the Centre of the Earth is a studio album by the English keyboardist Rick Wakeman, released on 15 March 1999 on EMI Classics. The album is a sequel to his 1974 concept album Journey to the Centre of the Earth, itself based on the same-titled science fiction novel by Jules Verne. Wakeman wrote a new story of three unnamed travellers who attempt to follow the original journey two hundred years later, including the music which features guest performances from Ozzy Osbourne, Bonnie Tyler, Tony Mitchell, Trevor Rabin, Justin Hayward, and Katrina Leskanich. The story is narrated by Patrick Stewart. The recording was delayed after Wakeman was hospitalised with a life-threatening case of double pneumonia and pleurisy, and needed time to recover.

Upon release, the album reached number 34 on the UK Albums Chart.

A Side

A1 A Vision 2:33 A2 The Return Overture 2:40 Mother Earth 3:48 A3.a The Shadow Of June
A3.b The Gallery
A3.c The Avenue Of Prismed Light
A3.d The Earthquake
A4 Buried Alive Vocals – Ozzy Osbourne 6:01 A5 The Enigma 1:18 A6 Is Anybody There? Vocals – Bonnie Tyler 6:35

B Side

B1 The Ravine 0:50 B2 The Dance Of A Thousand Lights 5:41 B3 The Shepherd 2:01 B4 Mr Slow 3:47 B5 Bridge Of Time 1:12 B6 Never Is A Long, Long Time Vocals, Guitar – Trevor Rabin, 5:19

C Side

Tales From The Lidenbrook Sea 2:57 C1.a River Of Hope
C1.b Hunter And Hunter
C1.c Fight For Life
C2 The Kill 5:23 C3 Timeless History 1:11 C4 Still Waters Run Deep Vocals – Justin Hayward 5:21 Time Within Time 2:39

D Side

D1.a The Ebbing Tide
D1.b The Electric Storm
D2 Ride Of Your Life Vocals – Katrina Leskanich 6:02 Floating 1:59 D3.a Globes Of Fire
D3.b Cascades Of Fear
D4 Floodflames 2:00 The Volcano 2:10 D5.a Tongues Of Fire
D5.b The Blue Mountains
D6 The End Of The Return 5:24