Black Knights At The Court of Ferdinand 4th


"On this extraordinary album, legendary keyboard player teams up with an Italian singer named Mario Fasciano. Stavros Moschopoulos writes: "Recorded on the Isle of Man, the CD contains 8 new Neapolitan songs and it is the result of a prodigious concurrence of a number of talented artists that have somehow reached a propitious zenith of creativity here, in this album. Exotic, Mediterranean, evocative, timeless, classic and classical, and wonderful are a few of the adjectives I use to describe this exciting CD." Rick's signature piano playing and Mario's warm Jon Anderson' like voice weave a web of medieval fantasy which won round up on Wakeman records on the internet described as being: "musically somewhere between prog and new age, with Italian vocals.". This is an unjustly overlooked record which fans of Rick Wakeman are certainly sure to enjoy." ..


1 E Vuje' 2 Favola
3 Umberto II
4 Umbre'
5 Tommaso Aniello 6 Fradiavolo
7 Farfarie
8 'O Bilancio