Aspirant Sunshadows


Aspirant Sunshadows, is one of the titles from a Trilogy of CDs by Rick Wakeman. It is an excellent collection of ambient electronic keyboard tunes with a theme of the Sun. Don't expect grand themes in this collection, it really is the kind of music to lay back and chill out with, great if you just want to relax with a good book or to gently send you off to sleep if you have trouble drifting off at night. It could be criticised for being rather `samey' but actually that is what helps it to work so well, these are a set of gentle, melodic contemplative tracks that help you to let the stress go!


1 Thoughts Of Love
2 Gentle Breezes
3 Whispering Cornfields
4 Peaceful Beginnings 5 Dewy Morn
6 Musical Dreams
7 Distant Thoughts
8 The Dove
9 When Time Stood Still
10 Secret Moments
11 Peaceful