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White Castles
Glacier Valleys
The Porcelain Doll
The Snowcat
Pillars Of Hope
A Fountain Of Tears
The Figurine
The Dancing Pierrot
A Castle Of Dreams
Seeds Of Thought
Preface To A Dream
The Mottled Blackbird
The Quill
Lucky Curve
The Evening Fable
Shelly Beach
Mountain Mist
Birth Of Nature
A Tale Of Spring
Stories Of Bygone Days
The Dancing Hedgerow
The Clock Tower
The Village Green
Portrait Of A Dream
Tommy Big Eyes
The Lone Fisherman
Little Lady
View From A Hill
A Hint Of Autumn
Boulter Lock
Orcombe Point
The Brooklet
The Fireside

Track Listing

Disc 1 The Sculptor

  1. White Castles
  2. Glacier Valleys
  3. The Porcelain Doll
  4. The Snowcast
  5. Pillars of Hope
  6. A Fountain of Tears
  7. The Figurine
  8. The Dancing Pierrot
  9. A Castle of Dreams

Disc 2 The Writer

  1. Seeds of Thought
  2. Preface to a Dream
  3. The Mottled Blackbird
  4. The Quill
  5. Lucky Curve
  6. The Evening Fable
  7. Shelly Beach
  8. Birth of Nature
  9. A Tale of Spring
  10. Stories of Bygone Days

Disc 3 Sketches

  1. The Dancing Hedgerow
  2. The Clock Tower
  3. Sunbeams
  4. The Village Green
  5. Portrait of a Dream
  6. Mountain Mist
  7. Waterlillies
  8. Tommy Big Eyes
  9. The Lone Fisherman
  10. Little Lady
  11. View from a Hill
  12. A Hint of Autumn
  13. Boulters Lock
  14. Orcombe Point
  15. The Brooklet
  16. The Fireside