From 1999, Toni Bélmez, alias rubeck, has been shaping up his music trajectory through demos, collaborations, remixes and own productions. His first compositions were inspired mostly on IDM and electronica styles. His reference labels then were Warp, K7, Mille Plateaux or Skam. Up to the year 2004, his movements looked for creating abstract and geometric atmospheres, through hidden melodies, rhythm layers, synthesis and digital errors. At the same time, during those years, bonds with other artists coming from visual arts environments as photographer and video artist José Morraja, video artist Raquel Meyers or the fashion designer Sinpatron, started to be established. A relationship between sound and image, which narrows, as in the live performances, the visual ingredient acquires a very important presence in his musical concept. Live performances that take him along Spain and now, France: Madrid, Murcia, Alicante, Valencia, Donosti, Bilbao, Paris, Lille…

2005 conveys an inflection point in rubecks's carrier. On one hand, the demo “Save the robots” means a musical turn. He leaves behind abstraction and gets into the dance floor's urge, a cold, mechanic and dark one. On the other hand, he establishes a permanent collaborative relationship with video artist Raquel Meyers, a collaboration that will lead to a visual and musical integration, thanks to her vocal collaborations on rubeck's tracks.

A year later, "Pose" gets the attention of the net label Magnolia Digital, and they publish the single "Eat the beat" featuring remixes by I.B. and the Greek Nikola Gala, and in 2007 ‘Like sex drops off gin tonic’ made the preface for rubeck's first released CD album. "Gorgeous & Wet (is how we roll)" was the name. Released in 2008 by the independent label DFE Records / Love Reactor, and later in 2010 by Aquavit Records / Unsigned. In this album we can listen to the artist who during the last years had been making people dance in crowded venues through his new electro, which looks both into the past and the present.

The Incident, second published CD album arrived in 2014 by the hand of Aquabit Beat / Unsigned. A much more ambitious and mature work that confirmed rubeck's own sound and that made him into the best albums of the year (Atmósfera - Radio 3) and was welcomed by plenty of national and international media.

rubeck has had the opportunity to present his live performances and DJ sets in very important festivals like FIB, 981, Overflow… and events that included artists like James Holden, Apparat and Ellen Allien, Motor, Sascha Funke, Peter Hook, The Presets, HD Substance, DMX Krew, Depeche Mode, Tujiko Noriko, Ada, Alex Under, Marc Marzenit, Luciano…

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