Gorgeous and Wet (is how we roll) (Aquavit Records / Unsigned, 2010) - CD Digipack - rubeck

Gorgeous and Wet (is how we roll) (Aquavit Records / Unsigned, 2010) - CD Digipack

CD Digipack


RUBECK - Gorgeous & Wet (is how we roll) – Press Note to the 1st Edition (2008)

Gorgeous & Wet (is how we roll) gathers 8 tracks which go through different parameters. A work that makes both our feet and neurons dance.

Rubeck gets to this in an album that ranges from electro-techno style, clearly influenced by new beat and idustrial touches in ‘Arbeit!’, dark 80’s in ‘Alig’ and vindicating and proud electro pop in ‘Demonstration’. We can find twisted pop pills in ‘Sisters’ or SoftCell-ish sounds in ‘13th blonde’.

Also progressive, evocative and epic ingredients in ‘Wet’ where melodies melt together in playful rythmics which take us to works by people like Artial Parts or Fairmont, or labels like Border Community or BPitch Control. The artist has made it to introduce a lyric touch to outline even more his personality in the bleak ‘Zeitgeist’, where his collaboration with Raquel Meyers results in an alienating and pesimistic feel on the new world order we live in, supported by an electro-trance base which seems signed by Kraftwerk themselves, if these Düsseldorf guys had had a female vocalist). An album which shows us an artist whose work has references from european avant-garde in the last 30 years but with a contemporary, urban, ambitious and cosmopolitan finish.

The release took place on June 2008 through i-Tunes and now in October, in CD format through the multinacional distributor PIAS.