Tyler Cantrell picked up the guitar when he was 10. He started taking lessons every week from music and arts. Tyler wasn't very interested in it first until he found out about the band Metallica. About a year later, he joined the School of Rock. He did many shows and performances and even joined the house band. Tyler wanted to try having his own band, but it didn't work out due to lack of commitment. Lucas and Tyler tried starting a progressive metal band called Protel, and is now the guitarist of HAXON! He is also guitarist in his new band Intivis along with Dan.

Some of Tyler's main influences are: Zakk Wylde, James Hetfield/ Kirk Hammett, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. Tyler uses a Marshall DSL 15 tube amplifier and a Marshall cab, a mxr zakk Wylde overdrive that's on all the time just to tighten things up and add a little more gain. The pedal also boosts the clean channel a little bit. For the clean channel, Tyler uses the MXR Zakk Wylde chorus pedal. Tyler's Bad Horsie 1 Wah from the 90s and a Poly Tune 2 are other pedals he also uses. Tyler's guitars are an Ibanez s series, a Gibson Les Paul studio and an ESP KH 202

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