Haxon coming to the Voltage Lounge...

Haxon is back! They will be playing in center city at the Voltage Lounge! They will be playing along with the local Philly band, Drag Country Speed Queens. People like Doyle from the band Misfits, Havok, and Exmortus played at Voltage Lounge. They will be playing March 30th, at around 6:00. Come see the show, and remember! Kick ass, party, and buy a Haxon shirt!!!

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The shirts are here!!!

Now's your chance to get a free Haxon t-shirt!!! These have a limited stock of 100 shirts. Now, here's your chance to win a FREE shirt!!! Simply follow us on Bandsintown and once we reach 200 followers, we will give out 2 shirts to 2 lucky people!!! Sold sizes S-XL. Shirts can be bought online through the shop... image description

More Merchandise and More Fun in the future!!!

WE HAVE MORE MERCH!!! Just recently, we got new Haxon shirts with our new logo along with guitar picks that we will be selling a limited amount of. Shirts will be sold online soon for those who cannot receive shirts. Haxon would like to thank the fans for the great support!

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Happy birthday you little sausage! Today is Mike Dodaro's birthday! Make sure you like his facebook page and send him wishes! Also, make sure that you go to Connie's RicRac and celebrate Mike's birthday during the Haxon gig!!! image description

Welcome to the Haxon Website!!!!

Hello Haxon fans! Welcome to our new band website that we just released! We will be posting show dates and other band news on this site. There will also be band merchandise you can buy in our shop. Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter so you can be up to date with us! We might be playing near you soon! link description

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