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Mickey Banks (The Sonic Gypsy) Vocal / Electric Slide Guitar

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The Sonic Gypsy (AKA Mickey Banks) is the wayward son of a BSA riding, mountain climbing, boat building nuclear scientist and part time explorer. He was brought up in the rainy mountains of northern England by the Irish Sea on motorcycles, snakebite, The Doors and John Lee Hooker.. Mickey was lead singer with groundbreaking major label rock band Scorpio Rising, signed by the legendary Seymour Stein (Madonna / The Ramones) to Sire Elektra and recording with Steve Osborne (Rolling Stones, U2), Paul Oakenfold and Teo Miller (Verve, Blur, Daisy Chainsaw) touring and playing many major festivals playing on the same stage as Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins and others..

2016.. and after 20 years of crazy adventures outside the music industry .. Mickey (The “Sonic Gypsy") is back, and has unleashed a stunning brand new album and an amazing new sonic electric delta rock n roll band.. The Sonic Gypsy is a very rare thing, a real sonic bluesman living as a continuous cruiser on the real English delta. As well as playing live shows all over the UK (including shows with with country star Shooter Jennings and US rock bands Skinny Molly, Nashville Pussy, DESERT FEST London, Sonic Rock Solstice Festival, Landed Festival) and international radio airplay on Radio Caroline, Sirius XM USA and others he is becoming the “Kerouac of The Canals” documenting his outsider philosophy, lifestyle and adventures, constantly travelling the UK’s waterways rivers, swamps and canals aboard his barge “The Heart Of Gold” in “The Lonesome Traveller Diaries”..

The second Sonic Gypsy album.. a 22 track epic double.. is being written and recorded as you read this..

Kaptain (Sploote) Boogie - Lead Guitar

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Kaptain Boogie

Born during a revolutionary uprising in Nigeria, son of a travelling structural engineer and airlifted to safety in a DC3, Kaptain Boogie AKA “Sploote” is the Sonic Gypsy’s right hand man and fellow sonic time traveller. Sploote is almost 7 feet tall and has flown many types of combat aircraft. He is a genuine hermit, world critic, abstract philosopher and rarely ventures from his secret sonic laboratory. Previous bands include Scorpio Rising, Electrafixion (with Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant), major label band The Slingbacks, Jimmy And The Destroyers and doom existentalists Mogadon Death Tractor..

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He can sometimes be found hanging out in Camden’s darkest rock n roll haunts discussing germanium diodes and bizarre tunings with fellow noise experimentalists Karma to Burn, or on the road with The Sonic Gypsy.. a true maestro of natural fuzz tone, the six-eight drone boogie, feedback as a transient abstract artform, electric blues genius, Sploote brings you his unique personal interpretation of The Devil’s music.. ...roasted through monolithic ancient valves, drowned in an ocean of Jaegermeister, and snorted pure off the cylinderhead of a Rolls Royce Merlin.. a genuine sonic explorer… he is currently building sonic toolbox “TMA 6″.

Pig Man - Harmonica / Trumpet

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In Purcys own words: Purcy Harmonica AKA “PIG MAN” "I am a poet, musician and street entertainer. I've played with Paul Rogers, Daevid Alen, John Cooper Clark, Libby Koch, Chuck Hawthorne, Jake Leg Jug Band, Tom Seals band , The Rubber band, Tom Doughty, Clonter Opera Theatre, Kings of Comedy, Nik Turner and many more..and have travelled the UK performing street shows as a comic and musical clown and many other walkabout characters until one day I noticed an advert for an apprentice lion tamer for the Continental Berlin Circus, sadly that role was taken before I arrived but after a bottle of Irish whiskey I was offered the star role “That of a Musical White-faced Clown” working with artists from around the globe entertaining audiences with music, my wits and slapstick comedy, juggling, tight rope, acrobatics, uni-cycling, diablo, devil sticks and a little magic. This also involved caring for ‘Rahmmi’ an Indian Elephant with a big heart..

The Sonic Gypsy: Pig Man is simply the greatest harmonica player I have ever heard in my life.. and one of my best friends forever.. a real life true savant maestro.. one hundred percent unique..every phrase he plays is heart wrenching mind bending genius.. he turned up one sunday night at The One Lounge in Manchester when I was playing one of my very first solo gigs as The Sonic Gypsy and that was that.. we are just both some kinda time travellers who cant stop.. he is the only man Ive ever met who has shot himself in the cock, made swords out of cables, raised a canal boat, plays ukelele, harmonica, trumpet, guitar as well as harp, wears massive clowns shoes, 2 pairs of welding goggles and a bowler hat, rides a unicycle, owns a seagull outboard motor, buried a bomb to blow up his friend, has been arrested for riding a moped carrying a pair of stilts.. no exaggeration, Pig Man brings pure brilliant totally spontaneous wild genius to the Sonic Gypsy sound .. people come up top me after every gig and ask me.. who's your hamonica player?.. hes the best i've ever heard .. if you dont believe me.. come and hear him play... and check out his insane solo recordings.. PIG MAN .. primitive jazz, blues n stuff too.. you'll love it. X

Dub Punk - Bass


In his own words: "Born of the Hadean coal mines of Yorkshire, and burnished in the flaming forges of the Sheffield steel mills to the soundtrack of the wails of the last true punks, The Dub Punk has travelled through this world assimilating the esoterica of mystic Sufis and meditative Buddhists and brought his discovered truths back to the west to forge his war hammer. Taking the form of a 1979 Fender Precision electric bass, his Brain-Biter is a low frequency conduit between the seen, and the un-seen, the known, and the unknown, the real, and the imagined, the Dub, and the Punk". He is the groove.

Mon Duncalf - Drums


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