‘One small step for man, one atonal leap for the freakazoid’

In a galaxy not so far away, Davey Lane was hurtling towards Earth with his 2013 debut solo EP ‘The Good Borne Of Bad Tymes’. Fast track a year, and Davey is sporting a new collection of cosmic sounds bound to challenge your perception of known guitar hero.

Unfolding with unparalleled velocity in 2014, the notorious chord-slinging cowboy Davey Lane is ready to beam his new soundscape upon the intelligent universe. Dubbed ‘Atonally Young’, the debut album sees an adjusted trajectory for Davey, spinning with calculated control into intrinsic song writing territory.

Wielding ‘Atonally Young’ as a spherical force field, 2014 has seen tremendous crowd support towards Davey’s new creations. Gathering a multitude of supporters to donate towards the costs of recording and manufacturing his new album. Allowing him to stretch his musical limbs and journey into the cosmosphere are his friends and bandmates – long-time drummer Brett Wolfenden, and on keys, Eagle & The Worm’s James Fleming. The album was produced by top desk commander Tony Buchen (The Preatures, Jeremy Neale, Bluejuice).

Davey’s adjusted trajectory transmits an album of eclectic singularity, emulating a different sound track-by-track while taking you on a wholehearted journey across the Davey Lane universe. Zapped with his signature electrical guitar voltage, the album showcases his increasingly versatile powers as a songwriter- and cements a vocal sound upon the scapes that is unmistakably Davey. The first single off the album ‘Komarov’ channels the real life doom descent of a Russian Cosmonaut called Vladimir, and his tragic experience of pelting to earth in a fiery pod.

Having played alongside some of the biggest faces in Australian and international music, and conquering stages all over planet Earth; Davey’s journey into the solo stratosphere is supported by his recent achievements. Sharing stages with the likes of Todd Rundgren, Beady Eye, Wolfmother and Bob Mould, being voted among the top 25 Australian guitarists of all time in a News Corp poll earlier this year, and invited to cover a song on a tribute album for Lenny Kaye’s legendary garage-psych compilation Nuggets: Antipodean Interpolations of the First Psychedelic Era, Davey continues to create a curvature on a flat planet.

With his gravitational force at peak in 2014, ‘Atonally Young’ proves to be an 11-track vessel into another world, a portal to another lyfe, if you will. Bending through time and spatial influence, Davey Lane’s multi-faceted sonic boom lands in October 3rd, expect a moonwalk on the horizon.


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