Aug 25th 2015

Here’s an exclusive EP of previously unreleased tunes for ya. This is called Tymes Two. About 2 years ago I released an EP called The Good Borne Of Bad Tymes. It was originally meant to be an album but I ended up splitting the album into two distinct halves – songs that were more keyboard driven and ones that were more guitar-oriented. For some reason (but I think mainly because I am an indecisive jerk) that second, guitar-based EP never came out. As I was trawling through some demos (I’m about three-quarters through making my second LP at the moment) I found this. I’d forgotten about it! There are some cool songs on here I think. Grab it if you like, but know that if you pick a copy up the money is going straight towards mixing brand new tunes, which I hope to share with you all very soon. Enjoy!


12th June 2015

Davey Lane’s new single, intriguingly titled “Davey Lane’s Duo-Monophonic Explorations Vol. 1”, is his first in a line of releases for 2015, and a conceptual world first.

The double A-side single contains I’ll Set U Free, a collaboration with King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard singer Stu Mackenzie, and The First Flung One To Crash, teaming up with Lane’s You Am I bandmate Tim Rogers.

Contained within each track of this digital and limited-edition vinyl release, are 3 completely different versions of each song. Listened to in stereo, you hear the collaborative efforts of Lane and his esteemed guests. But with the balance panned to the left, a solo Davey Lane version of the song is revealed, and in turn, panned to the right, you hear Rogers’ or Mackenzie’s, both in mono (hence “Duo-Monophonic”). Completely independent from each other instrumentally and vocally, yet a cohesive match when played together – a world first in this form.

Davey says – “I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while, and as time passed and I thought I’d best hop to it before somebody else thinks of it and nabs it for themselves. If I’m gonna have guests on my records, it can’t be for the gratuitous sake of having someone more popular or handsome making me look good – it’s gotta be something super special. This concept provided me the perfect vehicle to collaborate with something a bit experimental and unique. Tim and Stu are both masters in their fields and sonic adventurers in their own unique ways, so I was stoked that they were both up for giving this a crack, not knowing if it was gonna work or be a complete and utter disaster. I’m proud to say that after much head-scratching and finger-crossing it came up a treat.”

And does Volume 1 mean there are more to come? “It was so much fun I thought I may as well leave it open-ended. Hopefully there might be some more folks keen on doing more of these with me sometime. Who knows eh? I’ve already started rifling through the Rolodex in any case.”



13th January 2015

2 gigs coming up folks! Sydney I am in your fine city for a few days this week and while I was there I thought it’d be only right to bash out a few tunes at my favourite Sydney bar The Midnight Special. I’ll be there this Thursday night from about 8 or so, bashing out some of my songs along with versions of some from my lil grab-bag of favourite tunes. And Melbourne, on Jan 25 we’re supporting good mates Dallas Crane at the Corner Hotel. More on that one to come shortly. Toodle pip!


9th December 2014

I had no desire to write a Christmas song, good Christmas songs are few and far between, but I had always thought if I ever did it’d be an anti-Christmas tune about just how annoying this time of year can be. The idea of enforced festivity always rubbed me up the wrong way and Christmas always seemed to dredge up family conflict, and it just served to remind us that a bunch of folks we love are no longer around. What’s so fuckin festive about that? Having said that, most of this song is fictional. My Mum’s neighbour’s breath is fine (I’m sure), and never would I call young ‘uns who don’t like their presents “ungrateful little turds”….

And so, last Monday night, the 1st of December, I woke up in the middle of the night and this tune wrote itself, words, music an’ all, in about 20 minutes. And since budget and timeframe didn’t allow us to get into a recording studio and track it properly, I set to work in my makeshift home studio early the next morning, one-man-band styles, and by the afternoon I had it mixed, and thanks to legendary mastering engineer Jack The Bear at Deluxe Mastering, we had the song mastered and completed. Quickest turnaround ever! Just like in the old days eh? So here it is. Even if you like Christmas, maybe something here rings true for you.


29th October 2014

Hot on the heels of the release of Davey Lane’s commercially acclaimed debut album Atonally Young comes the brand new video for She’s A Timebomb.

The brainchild of Melbourne-based filmmaker and director Bonnie Moir, the film was already in the can before she approached Davey Lane with the idea of marrying it to the angular punk pop of She’s A Timebomb.



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