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Follow us on our sordid journey while we spend time trying to survive everywhere from the post-soviet states of Eastern Europe to the mountains of refuse which line the rivers of sewage in Bordo Poniente eventually finding our way into USA to start a band.

It's not just Connecticut. I'm sure this story will sound familiar to anyone who's grown up anywhere and failed to make good on their childhood/teenage resolutions...

An honest little prank video that went viral in Oceania...now all we need to do is find a way to tour there!!! :D

Either we're going to keep making music until we're Sixty (and beyond) or we will die in the process. Either way, it's the only manner of living we can make sense of. No matter how hard we've tried to "make it in the straight world", we just kept getting hurled back into the trenches of ridicule, poverty and despair. So we're "coming out of the closet" as artists so to speak. There, we said it...we feel better already. We hope you do too after watching this video.

Let's Get Personal! ;)

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Fear & Loathing in Connecticut
Just A Dude - Prank
When We're Sixty - LIVE!
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