Andy Spickler - Vocals/Guitar Tara Cotta - Drums/Vocals

Darn It All & Dog

Darn It All is a male/female duo of internationally roving musicians who deliver tragically fun and witty pop songs in a heavy and slightly avant-garde fashion to a cross-generational audience.

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Tara Cotta

The wide-eyed and semi-innocent Tara Cotta hadn’t any clue how drastically her life would change on that “ill-fated day” she walked into the Bochka Cafe in downtown Kiev where she grew up. There was a Swede in town by the name of Andy Spickler putting on a musically-oriented variety show that would ultimately transmute her life into one of both horror and euphoric magic.

During one of his audience participation bits, Andy brought Tara on stage for a singing contest in a chance to win free beer for both herself and friends. Having lost the contest to a piss-drunk acquaintance, Tara was determined to conquer her stage fright and decided to keep in touch with Andy via email for 15 months until he finally was able to make his way back to Ukraine. The pair have been inseparable ever since.

For what seemed like an eternity, the couple was running an online business while traveling back and forth from Ukraine to Sweden because they couldn’t stand to be separated. When a war broke out in Ukraine, the two headed to Mexico in hopes of both refuge and a new start.

Andy Spickler

As their visas wore out, they found themselves moving from country to country whilst trying to find a way to immigrate a Ukrainian girl into the USA so they could pursue their artistic dreams. As luck would have it, their hard work and determination paid off as they are now traveling and performing around the USA and slowly but steadily accruing a fanbase.

Although fans very much love singing along to their catchy tunes, Darn It All’s most precious attribute seems to be the live show where they establish an intimate rapport with audience members by tearing down the forth wall and turning an otherwise standard music concert into a pleasurable and unforgettably bizarre social event. They are known for their shockingly casual honesty both during interviews as well as onstage banter. Anyone lucky enough to have seen Darn It All perform live will never forget it.

Darn It All - New Milford Festival

Darn It All will continue performing throughout the Northeast this winter and resume touring again in the Spring 2018. They also have several radio appearances coming up on WESU, WPPRN and WPLR.

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