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Although you would never guess it today, there once was a time (not very long ago, I might add) when Tara was not the charismatic and charming "Happy-Go-Lucky Drummer" you've witnessed on stage.

No, there was a time when she was terrified of the stage or even playing in a band for that matter. We had discussed the idea of a two-piece, but that notion was altogether daunting for her. She felt that a third member might offer her someone else to hide behind...

So we spoke with a drummer and put together some songs specifically written for a three-piece that would suit his taste.

The recordings below were the demos that we wrote and recorded for that particular drummer. There were more rough ideas than fine-tuned songs. Although not polished in anyway, we decided to release the tracks in order to have something with which we could book gigs.

Despite our loving the actual songs, listening back to the uncomfortable performances and lack of fine-tuning in the arrangements of these recordings makes us cringe. However, they are part of our history and we're glad that you get to hear them.


-Andy & Tara

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