BORN A ROLLING STONE - THE DEBUT ALBUM! - Click to hear the whole album and read the story of "Born A Rolling Stone"

BORN A ROLLING STONE - The debut solo album from The Sonic Gypsy.

The Unprecedented Return Of Mr Majestyk
I Was Born A Rolling Stone
Lucifer's Lament
Shotgun Tel
Meet Me By The River
Backyard Stomp No2
Mouthful Of Cactus (Cant Kill A Good Thing)
Apocalypse Ranch
Backyard Stomp No1
Disclaimer Boogie

BORN A ROLLING STONE - The debut solo album from The Sonic Gypsy

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ss mv "The Heart Of Gold" Grand Union Canal / River Lee England

The Sonic Gypsy Story:

After 20 years outside of music.. I found myself hiding out in Haarlem in Holland .. I suddenly wanted to record the music I've been hearing in my head for years.. I had to try to capture the simplest most honest proper sonic electric blues music that I could, and to try to record a genuine english blues record.. revealing my own strange story and the stories of the amazing people I've known through my life and times of half a century living in this bizarre and wonderful world... I flew back to the UK and bought a 335 and an amp with big valves and experimented.. stripping back both my life ... by dropping out and living on a boat ... and the guitar... until I had only just enough bare bones to play.. 4 strings.. tuned to just 2 notes.. and a slide.. and screwed on the Yoshimura badge.. (the only part I have left of my chopper).. this set up means that the guitar virtually plays itself.. it felt good..

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..time to test it on real people.. by a bizarre set of accidents (involving driving a man dressed as a red indian around Manchester) I ended up at The One Lounge in Didsbury in Manchester.. at Rob Power's brilliant open mic night..on a very strange night.. the venue was full of well dressed fairly straight people in cocktail dresses and suits .. not likely to be all that delighted to be assaulted by a slightly mashed tattooed lunatic with no socks on stamping on a box ... after 2 joints and several drinks"fuck it" i thought "I'm here now.." ... plugged in and started stamping out the embryonic "Backyard Stomp No1".. ... 20 mins later I had run out of songs and they wouldn't let me off the stage.. after just a minute or so the 6/8 dinosaur fuzz boogie had got them going..they stamped and clapped and cheered .. right to the back... I couldn't believe it ... I ended up with the guitar jammed into the ceiling was the most joyful, easiest and best gig I'd ever done..

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...I called Kaptain Boogie in London.. we jammed in my back garden the next day.. and that night drove to the awesome Big Hands Blues Night ... on Manchester's Oxford Road... and jammed a 30 minute set.. of mostly one note and one groove.. we brought the house down.. again!!

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The Making Of Born A Rolling Stone:

So I raised a little money to simply record some basic porch stomping jams with Kaptain Boogie with just two guitars and the stomp box I made from bass guitar guts and a metal baking tray Id been using at gigs.. I had a few songs and lots of words... but not much else.. the first day was great and we got some really cool jams down, but at the end of the second day after a few smokes (as there was more amps and a drumkit around) started messing about with good friend Piers Pennell (Dub Punk) playing bass, the incredible Pig Man on harmonica and Mon (Duncalf) who was engineering the album on the kit.. after just one run through "Born A Rolling Stone" and we knew we had something totally unexpected and very very special...

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The Lonesome Traveller:

Realising that if I didn't capture this straight away as the band might never all be in the same room ever again, I launched a Pledge campaign on my Lonesome Traveller Travelogue pages.. the support we got from our friends all over the world was incredible.. I wrote lyrics on my boat travels on The Heart Of Gold, and other boats on the River Lee, Thames, Severn, Trent, Kennet and Avon canal, Trent and Mersey, Leeds and Liverpool, played gigs when I could get to them at some great backstreet venues, including the awesome backstreet blues nights at Big Hands, Hare and Hounds, The Pyrate Party (on the roof of a widebeam on the River Lee) in out of the way places.. sometimes on my own, and sometimes with Pig Man and Kaptain Boogie.. and soon I had enough money to get the band together again for a full week in the studio, where we jammed up the album, wrote new songs, got high, wandered around in the fields and finally mixed the album youre listening to..

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The result is the album you are reading about right now.."BORN A ROLLING STONE".. which includes songs about my life and some of the amazing and sometimes crazy people I know and have known.. with a sonic soundtrack built from the roaring rusty hot valves of Kaptain Boogie's guitar sound, the bare bones electric bass thunder and unstoppable rolling drums of Piers and Mon, the truly incredible soulful harmonica and trumpet of Pig Man.. with my voice, slide and words.. I really hope you like it.. its good to be back..

To be honest...we just wanna get loaded ..and have a good time..

See you on the delta..!

Omnia Vincit Amor x

Get In Touch:

Mickey The Sonic Gypsy ss mv "The Heart Of Gold"

The Band on "Born A Rolling Stone":

Mickey Banks (The Sonic Gypsy): Vocal / Electric Slide Guitar Kaptain Boogie (Sploote): Lead Guitar / Dobro / Stompbox Purcy Flaherty (PigMan): Harmonica / Trumpet Piers Pennell (Dub Punk): Bass Mon Duncalf: Drums / Stompbox

Engineered and mixed by: Mon Duncalf at Demon Studios Manchester 2016

Produced by: Sonic Gypsy / Mon Duncalf Artwork: Wayne Edwards Photgrahy: Wayne Edwards / Jessy Lotti Copyright The Sonic Gypsy

Kaptain Boogie is endorsed by Orange Amps

All songs by The Sonic Gypsy / Kaptain Boogie except Apocalypse Ranch and Honeykill (Scorpio Rising)

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Song notes:

"Mr Majestyk" is a tribute to Leadbelly's Who Do You Love and is dedicated to my fallen comrades and spiritual advisors Dirk Wiles and David (Hammy) Hamilton

"Born A Rolling Stone" is about me and Kap Boogie..

"Meet Me By The River" was written at 3am at Trentham lock on the Trent and Mersey canal

"Shotgun Tel" is inspired by the one and only Terry Humpheys and features an amazing riff written by Kaptain Boogie and is dedicated to The Unpopular Peoples Lee And Stort Boat Club..

"Honeykill" was originally recorded and released on "IF" by Scorpio Rising

"Mouthful Of Cactus" (Cant Kill A Good Thing) was written on the back of a fag packet in a Ford P100 pickup, on a sunny freezing winter morning..the "sandblasted kid with a face like an insect" was my insane next door neighbors kid.. the "DJ" is Jason Jones, the "Schizos" are the people of Wigan putting out their bins, "black chrome latino" is Mike Peers, "Elvis for the weekend" is Marc Jones, Seratonin Sunrise" refers to my friends on Prozac, "720 no handed" is friend and BMX champ Dylan Clayton...

"Lucifer's Lament" is dedicated to Evelyn June Banks

"Apocalypse Ranch" is from the unreleased Scorpio Rising album "Brutal Deluxe" and was inspired by David Koresh

Special sonic thanks for encouragement and help beyond the call of duty to:

Gal Schmut, Bill Dean, Dylan Gibbons, Nik Nichol, Jessy Lotti, Debbie Berriman, Ed Butler, Lorraine Hesketh, Wayne Edwards, David Stig Renton, Gary Saunders, Rob Power, Jim Smith, Shooter Jennings, Peter Anthony, Boomer Callaghan, Welsh Steve, David Martin, Miles and Jayne Pennington, The Black Heart, Matt Woolf, Jon Vyner and Orange Amps..

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