Award winning music project formed by Multi-Instrumentalist & Singer-Songwriter Hiram Abif López Reyes in 2007 who joined efforts with musicians from Xalapa, Cuernavaca & Mexico city, RUNTOLIFE has attended and performed two years in a row at the Hollywood IMC Awards in Los Angeles, CA, taking over the Anglo-Indie music scene by playing in New York City & London as well as returned victorious finalist of Seat's Musicathon 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

The meaning of the main name "Runtolife" it represents a long road of passion and is the result of a transition from Acoustic to Alternative Rock, with founding members Carlos Cortés, Mayo Sotero & José Ramón García, the band gained attention in the local scene with their album debut Can't Write Love Songs produced with support of Osvaldo Flores Torres, furthermore moreover the band expanded their efforts with musicians from México City like Arturo Naranjo & Iván Arteaga with Jazz skills while having support from producer Rafael Rosas Jiménez(Meteora) from Cuernavaca, Morelos in the record of "Unbreakable EP" with whom joined efforts in addition of Nazario Meshoulam(Monodram) & Agustín Dávalos(Never After Before) to perform at the legendary Whiskey A Go Go(Hollywood, CA) in 2015.

Their recently Ep RUNTOLIFE, Vol. I obtained a major worldwide distribution by Diamond Certified Records, produced with support of Bruno Texon, their main single Flicker was secured for the "In Corpore" Film Soundtrack by Nexus Production Group in 2020.

The band's Influence origin come from the second half of 90's starting as a Metal Rock Band and some of the main influences were Finger Eleven, Sevendust, Deftones, Fuel & Incubus until became a singer-songwriter model touching styles like a Matthew Good, Steven Page(Barenaked Ladies), Pete Yorn, Jon Foreman(Switchfoot), Duncan Sheik & Ryan Adams.

Hiram's said that there's one band that influences his songwriting style mostly, and they are Vertical Horizon, one of the bands that went top #1 on 1999 Radio stations with their single "Everything You Want", besides acting in the Metal Rock scene, there were always an acoustic and intimate sound that wanted to explore and that's when Runtolife project begins.