The Kindred Spirit Duo are acclaimed singer-guitarist Elaine Samuels and dynamic violinist Martin Ash.

About the Kindred Spirit Duo

The duo's material ranges from gentle background music to high-energy material getting crowds singing and dancing along, all performed with enthusiasm, polish and personality. Their repertoire covers Irish folk (with ballads, drinking songs and high-speed jigs and reels), country songs and well-known rock, pop and soul cover material from the 1960s right up to the present day, with new material being added all the time. They play at all kinds of events, from festivals, clubs, weddings and corporate functions to restaurants and bars.

Kindred Spirit have a wealth of professional experience.

Elaine Samuels has been featured on television and radio and played at Glastonbury and Guildford Festivals and venues including the Marquee Club and the Barbican, to name a few.

“Think the Brits can‘t deliver a terrific acoustic performance ? I‘ll show you something that‘ll make you change your mind. Anyone venturing to England should check out an excellent acoustic artist, Elaine Samuels, working either solo or front and center for her duo Kindred Spirit”. Tom Greenfield, USA Music Correspondent

"Elaine has a voice which can be both hauntingly beautiful & deeply emotional, coupled with a powerful stage presence. Her material ranges from folk through to blues...” Rosie Upton, Bath Evening Chronicle

Martin Ash is a very versatile, classically trained violinist with a wonderful ability to create melodic, beautiful and exciting improvised solos. He has an affinity for Celtic and country violin playing but is just as much at home playing rock lead on electric violin with effects pedals.

"If anyone ever wanted an entertaining fiddle or violin player they should use Martin Ash. An excellent performer that you can’t take your eyes off." Jamie Goddard, the Zoots

Special Augmentation and Package Line-ups

Kindred Spirit Ceilidhs

The duo can also team up with a professional barn dance caller to give 'Kindred Spirit Ceilidhs'

The Flux Ensemble

Martin Ash is also a classical violin and viola player with the excellent Flux Ensemble, which is a flexible line-up of classical strings players and also offers larger ensembles as well as bespoke line-ups and string arrangements. The Kindred Spirit Duo can be booked as part of a larger package for more complicated, lavish events. An example might be a wedding, requiring a string quartet for the reception meal and a lively Kindred Spirit Ceilidh for the evening's dancing, with the Kindred Spirit Duo performing popular songs in the breaks between dances.

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