Mark E Smith & Ed Blaney: The Train CD - Cog Sinister

Mark E Smith & Ed Blaney: The Train CD


Approved and initiated by the late Mark E Smith, here is a double CD with six different versions of The Fall classic, The Train. Featuring the voice of Mark E, with long time The Fall collaborator Ed Blaney re-working the hexagon of tracks along with producer Mike Bennett, there's a Disorient Express mix, a Dark Shunter mix, an Extended Shunter mix, Drum 'n Bass mix and a Platform 40 re-mix at forty minutes long, together with the forty minute original. There's also a Gonzo mix on YouTube* that captures the essence of Mark E, with a psychedelically smudged video that takes you on a journey starting at Salford Crescent station and ending up somewhere far out, as an incessant beat and galloping guitars speed the track along. And within the vocal mash-up going off in the neverlands is the distinctive voice of Mark E, together with a whole carriage of guests who could be John Robb, Dave Simpson, GM Mayor Andy Burnham or any of the others who crop up on the CDs. Ed Blaney has definitely got a ticket to ride... "This all came about when the owner of Cog Sinister asked if I'd be interested in re-working this alongside some other stuff I've done with Mark over the years along with Mike Bennett" says Ed "Ironically, Mark had insisted we should work together. I'm really pleased with the end result; it's more of an art thing, especially the Platform 40, the forty minute mix...incredible stuff and credit to Mike Bennett who's worked some great magic on this. I'm sure Mark would love it too..."


Disc: 1 1. The Train (Disorient Express Mix) 2. The Train (Platform 40 Remix) 3. The Train (Dark Shunter Mix)

Disc: 2 1. The Train (Extended Shunter Mix) 2. The Train (Drum 'N' Bass Remix) 3. The Train (Original Version, 2009)