Zimbaremabwe is a musical collective led by Linos Wengara Magaya. We perform, practice and teach Zimbabwean arts particularly Mbira based music, both traditional and modern. Mbira is a traditional Zimbabwean instrument used in Shona culture for spiritual ceremonies.

Zimbaremabwe has its roots in the spiritual values of traditional Zimbabwean culture. In our work we display a positive image of this culture to share with all people. We are based in Brighton, UK.

Our activities include: Performance, both as a small acoustic ensemble playing traditional Mbira, drumming and percussion, and as a full live band playing in the Zimbabwean, Mbira based style (Often known as Chimurenga).

Recording and production: Our music is often played on radio stations, particularly ZBC, in Zimbabwe. We have a large catalogue of music recordings, spanning over 16 years. We also have a large repetoire of music videos on our Zimbaremabwe Youtube channel.

We also have a second project with our band under the name Nhasitafara, where we play our own style of Mbira Reggae - this integrates Mbira and cultural messages into Reggae music, from Dancehall to Roots.

Mbira tuition. We teach Mbira on an individual basis or in groups, and teach for institutions such as SOAS university, London. We have published a course (a book + audio CD) for Mbira students containing 11 songs notated for Mbira. Other workshops include; Ngoma drumming, Zimbabwean dance, Marimba

Mbira making: We make Mbira at our workshop in Brighton and can also produce Marimbas if required.

Schools workshops: we regularly deliver workshops in schools and for educational organisations.

Healing and spiritual culture: Linos Wengara follows Zimbabwean culture as a spiritual healer. He provides healing and advice, mostly for Zimbabweans, but is open to sharing and discussing spiritual culture for the benefit of all.

Zimbaremabwe at Alresford festival