Formed in early 2013 from the ashes of late ‘90’s punk outfit Senseless Wolf Bites Boy came about when 3 of the Senseless members, Roblad, Stu & Paul decided to get together and play some old tunes, it soon became clear that they had some good old tunes that had stood the test of time and were writing new tunes that would clearly define them within the current streetpunk & Oi! scene. After the release of debut album ‘Family isn’t always blood’ and various split releases the 3 original members became 4 with the addition of Rob P taking over bass duties from Stu, more recently Rick has joined the pack and replaced Paul on the drums. With new tunes being written and a follow up album eagerly awaited here’s a little insight to Wolf Bites Boy…

So who are Wolf Bites Boy?

Roblad – Guitars and vocals.

Roblad has a varied musical background and his first love was for Blues and Rock N Roll when he first picked up the guitar but believe it or not Roblad didn’t think he was a good enough guitarist so bought a drum kit before deciding that wasn’t for him!!! Roblad’s guitar heroes vary from Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters to Jock Blyth, Henry Cluney and Tony ‘Bones’ Roberts, but Roblad’s favourite is Steve Jones siting his great tone, great riffs and great rhythm style as a big influence. Roblad’s first band was as bass player in ‘90’s Stoke punks AWOL which he formed with Rick, after the release of their first demo Roblad took up guitarist duties and got Stu in to play bass, the trio went on to form Destination Venus with ex Kalus / Exit Condition vocalist Crabby. Roblad is best known for his silver quiff and ripping guitar solos. Stu – Vocals and song writing.
Stu and Roblad have been in bands together since 1991 playing various different punk bands like Xtortion, AWOL and Senseless. Stu’s musical background covers everything from Ska and Reggae to the usual suspects of Punk Rock and Hardcore. Stu’s first experience of punk was when his mum dressed him as one for the local fancy dress competition in 1979. Stu’s favourite front person is Lou Koller from Sick of it All, cos no matter how many people are in the crowd Lou gives 110%. Stu is best known for not staying still on stage and always up for a laugh with the crowd.

Rob P – Bass and backing vocals. Rob joined the band in late 2016 taking over bass playing duties from Stu and fit in with the lads straight away. Rob started playing the guitar aged 14 and music had always been a big thing in his life as Rob’s dad was a bass player in traditional jazz and big bands, Rob was bought up listening to the likes of Glen Miller & Benny Goodman and the Beatles. Rob states that his first influence came from Jimi Hendrix and then Slade, Rob got into playing the bass and took lessons from his dad. Rob’s bass playing hero is John Entwistle and loves his style and sound. Rob has played in all sorts of bands over the years but got into punk whilst living in London and just loves the whole punk culture. Rob also plays bass in Derby based punkers Cryogenics (check em out). Rob is best known for his perfect Mohawk and rumbling bass lines.

Rick – Drums and backing vocals. Despite being the newest member of the pack Rick has been a drummer on the punk scene for many years and is no stranger to being in bands with Roblad & Stu as all 3 were in ‘90’s punk band AWOL and later in Destination Venus. WBB fact Rick actually played the drums on the first recording of Rise Again with Roblad & Stu back in 2000. Rick’s passion for all things punk started when he first heard Into the valley and loves nearly all punk and Oi! as most of the songs have lyrics which actually mean something and get you thinking. Jim Reilly from Stiff Little Fingers is Rick’s drumming hero, when Rick saw Jim playing on a video it made him want to pick up the sticks. Rick is best known for his drumrolls and dogged determination.