"The forthcoming album boasts a wealth of rocking talent, gasoline drenched guitars and doom sensibilities which are all beautifully demonstrated in the track 'Celosia' and the hypnotic blues rock of 'Codeine'.

Heavy and impressive guitar riffs are teamed with fierce drum beats and all stitched together with Tom Reynolds' coarse and captivating vocals."

- Metal Talk

"Witchingseason are a dark alt-rock trio who certainly know how to write music that makes an impression. Not for the faint of heart, their music is a cacophony of heavy guitar riffs, rioutous drums and coarse, melodic vocals that are tailor made for rock audiences to shout right back at the band.

It's not hard to see how this sound can make an impact, its immediacy speaks for itself and is the reason why not too long ago the band were able to play a huge live show at the prestigious 100 Club in London.

- Grande Rock

‘The Healer’ showcases the bands macabre and ethereal low-fi sludgy sound which echoes the likes of Masters Of Reality and Queens of the Stone Age.

- Vulturehound

"Witchingseason are a young trio from Kent/London who take the influence of artists such as Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Queens of the Stone Age to fashion a grungy, gritty, psychedelia-tinged alt.rock sound."

- TeamRock

"Check out the killer new single, The Healer from Witchingseason, what an absolute proper rock banger."

- Soundsphere

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