With deeply rooted cultural influence, Wise Tree unites the sounds of nature with global frequencies to create a unique and profound soundscape characterized by instrumental mysticism. Absorbing inspiration from all forms of expression, Wise Tree blends messages of spirit with other-worldly bass music to create a formless language that has the capacity to influence and entrance those on the other side of the speakers.

Wise Tree formed as two briefly separated spirit companions reconciled in the physical plane on Vancouver Island, British Columbia to follow the path of radiating vibrations originating from the Cosmic Source. With individual backgrounds in classical instruments, this duo partners contemporary composition with experimental electronic music to propose a unique and relatable genre.

Wise Tree's sound is characterized by world instruments, luscious bass, the sounds of nature, evolving palates, and movement-provoking percussion. The unification of these elements offers a full and immersive experience heavily influenced by the vibratory creations of artists such as Pushloop, CloZee, Desert Dwellers, Nicola Cruz and CharlestheFirst.

Wise Tree is continually growing, spreading its roots further into the nutrient-rich world of musical expression while simultaneously reaching its leaves for new experiences in the vast Universe of unfounded vibrations.