The name Winnet was acquired while Tasha was still a young dancer, but she started out as ‘Simply Tasha’, collaborating musically with guitarist Joe Volante and pianist Jack Stanley. Together they formed the core of the band that is now Winnet, writing songs such as Get Out and Walk On. Their work together continued over the years producing three videos, an EP, the album FEAT and the film score for ‘A Hat For The Camel’.

Tasha’s two children, Thomas and Ava were always present with the support for their Mum, so inevitably over the years, they started to join in. Now they stand as solid members along side the rest of the band, including their father on the Drums.

Although the family aspect is a strong feature, ‘Winnet’ remains an independent artist, singer and songwriter. Her background as ballet dancer and actress gives her a unique charismatic quality as a performer, which compels her audiences and embellishes both the style and subject of each song. This coupled with her individual vocal timbre marks her as a tremendous new artist.

She has built the band’s sound up around her life experiences incorporating musicians from jazz traditions, and independent players to play music that covers a variety of genres and cultures, always maintaining an inspiring visual. Her voice enhances songs that draw on musical influences as diverse as Marlene Dietrich, Jacques Brel and Kurt Weil.

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