South On Velvet Clouds Lyrics - William Topley

South On Velvet Clouds Lyrics


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Only So Much You Can Do William Topley / Luke Brighty

I only come alive when the circus comes to town, Befriend a bearded lady Go drinking with the clowns High up on the trapeze There’s a shining star Let her fall to earth ma'am, right in to my arms

I'm banging like a big shot in Braddock Honeymooning just won't be the same It's true that I'm blue When I'm dreaming ‘bout you But there's only so much you can do

Sometimes I'm a strong man Tame a wild beast Cracking whips on Skid Row A human cannon ball released The lion says to me sir Feed the inner man Rise up on the bottle Cage it while you can

Living in greasepaint, On sawdust and peanuts There’s only so much you can do Aping the beasts with the ringmaster's mistress, There’s only so much you can do

I only come alive when the circus comes to town Bed a bearded lady and go drinking with the clowns Trying to pitch the big top In the pouring rain I'll work without the net, angel If you will take my name

Sweet Love TN William Topley / Luke Brighty / Dorie Jackson

See us celebrate the lines upon our faces The fire that we breathe No one hesitates to shame with dates and places But none of them can see Hey, don't let love wait On all the shining prizes that seems always to surround you I no longer stray down a diesel alley Where once I used to play

And if you can find sweet love You can hold sweet love It don't matter what you do And if you dream of love You know I can dream it too

Well in the morning I want someone Gotta hold someone Gotta care for somebody like you Well in the evening I want someone Gotta hold someone Can I hold somebody like you?

The sweetest love in Tennessee

See them separate the lines upon the mirror Like lions in the stall I no longer chase the beatings from the bottle, The dragons from the foil

Sleepy London William Topley / Luke Brighty

Well I watch the moon come down On a sleepy London town And the sails go by for ever And the lightning has crashed and died

You'll never heal me baby Never drag my soul in to the light I'll never love no one I just can't make it right

Well I watch the night come down On sleepy wonderland And the sailor's eyes are turned to heaven And your wanton soul has caused my heart to cry

And when the loving blinds you And when the lightening strikes you And when the soul of love falls free, And when the shadows find you Your heavy heart reminds you That you can always count on me

Well I watch the lights come down On an empty theatre land Let the lights stay down forever Over sleepy, so sleepy London town

Well the soul I want forever Is asleep in wonderland And the sailor’s eyes are turned to heaven And the lightening has crashed and caused my heart to cry

South On Velvet Clouds William Topley / Luke Brighty

South on velvet clouds I ride Alone in the night Who's that loveless bird in flight I need her tonight

Hand on my heart got to find somebody Everyday well I sing the blues Falling apart got to make somebody And lose these lonesome blues

Tear me apart gotta find somebody Trawling for love down the avenues Make a new start with a new somebody But no one else gonna do

Time to depart can I take somebody The visual is poor but my soul is true Been playing the part but I'm lost and lonely And I want I want you

South on velvet clouds I ride Alone in the night Who's that loveless bird in flight I need her tonight

Hey South I fly Hey South I fly

Sarah William Topley / Luke Brighty

Well I don't wanna waste the whole night So come on Sarah Why do we have to have the same fight Every time Sarah?

High on the dusty plain I'm fearing nothing Brighter than shards of pain

Why do we have to have the whole town out of sight Come on Sarah? I guess I'm gonna have to drive, dry the whole night Sarah

High on the dusty layer I'm feeling nothing Bright as the lights down there

Well I don't wanna lie Gotta help me roll Can’t see no reason why Sarah, where's your love light? Well, I would rather try Gotta help me roll To keep our love alive Sarah, where’s your love light? How ‘Bout You William Topley / Luke Brighty

One last ride across the Essequibo River Demerara dawn to thrill your soul, I’ve been burned by bathing in the moonlight of sedition Well that’s one less lesson left to learn To the shallow waters I call home

But I keep on rolling Yeah, I keep on rolling How ‘bout you?

I made a land upon a raft of rags and rakedom Some things better left alone I been washed up upon a love as sharp as coral By the shallow waters of your soul

But I keep on rolling Yeah, I keep on rolling How ‘bout you? Well I trail a lifeline in the night And I read the stars cold ciphers bright How ‘bout you?

Thy dawn oh mistress of my world, thy dawn, For thee the ships are drawn down to the shore For thee the poet of beguilement sings But you'll rule my soul no more You'll rule my soul no more

One last try at finding something more forgiving In the brackish waters I patrol I fly the night across the hungry blue savannah I feel a freedom in my soul But I keep rolling Yeah, I keep rolling How ‘bout you?

How ‘bout you, my brother?

No Tomorrow William Topley / Luke Brighty

The mindset is on It's TV... No parking zone And no fee Some lucky number Set fair Grid city nights Stale air Got 20 bucks Got beer Fools paradise Right here Come on step it up Lets ride They all second lining Outside

Goldilocks is crying out for things that need buying The wolf has got the piggies and the Roller's backfiring

I'm bleeding money like there's no tomorrow Taking on water, driving people insane A drunken sailor, I'm gonna beg, steal or borrow The flags are waving, but the victory's in vain

You gotta live it up If you wanna shine You gotta give it up There's no time

Crystal tips is bragging 'bout the power of believing She's scrambled all her fighters and her cats are still thieving.

The Man Who Lost America William Topley

On a hill there's a patch of sun The valley's gone I've been a long time walking I don't know what today's about I need a shot with that pure branch water On the wreck of this afternoon I've been down I've been a long time under I don't know what your world's about But Zinc light and Holy Orders

I'll hear no word about, I'll hear no say, I'll hear no more about the man who lost America

I'm on the run by a hunter's moon, It's Friday night but my heart's still pounding Losing ground since the Isles of June I need a shot of that sweet branch water On the wreck of this afternoon I been down, I been ten years under I don't know what your world's about But Zinc light and Holy Orders

Lipstick Message William Topley / Mark Taylor

The message is on the mirror The mirror is in the hall The meaning is plain There’s no need to explain Just decline and just fall She left in a haze of perfume Alligator under her arm, With nothing obscure about her hopes for your tour, Her desire to see harm come

Well if you're going to believe some lipstick message then you're gonna know

For all of your decadent tension, Your stateroom is seared on my soul You have taken me twice, and I’m tired of being nice And it's high time to go Below decks the pistons are pounding The screws are revolving in time The orchestra play and the passengers pray And I’m losing my mind

Don't let it go any higher tonight Don't just let it roll You got thousands of things left to do with your worn out soul Gambolling down on the avenue, or beat on a dusty road, Doubling up every single bone you throw

Erasing scenes and numbers she’d embed in her phone, She’s going overboard I got to play along Burning up the decks to better lighten the boat I'm selling everything I've got to lighten the load She’s trying to swim to shore She sings a siren song

Hangover Square William Topley / Luke Brighty / Kovaldof

Said I saw light and it flashed and flew, The spectrum alive with a range of blues My mind had control till she came unglued We came here as one but we left as two

All this time I've been drinking neat scotch, Mr Pullen says it's those movies I watch There's no more guns for hire There's no bird on the wire Just stale bread to share Down on Hangover Square

Down the M4 well we flashed and flew Tripped on lawn with a mile wide view The butler's a cop with a mad eyed cool The rooms are by Gibbs and the gowns by the Fool

Down on Hangover Square, there's a bottle I share Well you can spread your wings and you can fly away Or just unpack your things and stay another day

I found me a girl who can sing the blues I ain't even fit just to shine her shoes, I woke to a dawn and a dream come true We came here as one but we left as two.