From The Spanish Coast

Will Purdue is a singer - songwriter influenced by all the great sad young men, such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young. His music is an introspective throwback to the 1960’s, with the lyrics and melodies taking centre stage. His songs are mostly autobiographical, with his voice varying between a rasping baritone, to a more urgent higher range, where you feel the dynamic shift. His work is a catalogue of broken relationships, affairs and thoughtful retrospect, and he comfortably tackles difficult themes, to try and create something that people can relate to and really feel.

The recording of his first album is soon to be underway, with a clear plan to have a very live, emotional album, with intentional bleed between microphones, and a complete ban on vocal tuning. He has recently been playing his live shows with his partner in crime, Liza Bec, who adds a truly unique combination of sultry harmonies, as well as playing both recorder and sax, giving their sound something very classic and rarely heard.

Will has big plans, with his new album, and a tour of Denmark and Sweden on the horizon. He is also writing a novel and adding guitar to many other musicians projects.

The first EP ‘A Past Life’ was played both nationally and internationally, and was featured on BBC Radio Berkshire. Recent performances have included Celtic Connections at Glasgow Concert Hall, London Blues Festival (Reading Leg) and Kaya Festival Wales, as well as indoor venues such as The Joiners, Southampton and Thekla Bristol. Social Media Links FB: IG: @willpurdue Twitter: @williamjpurdue