Merthyr Tydfil's Upbeat Sneakers are an exuberant pop influenced outfit with sharp brass. In early 2015, Upbeat Sneakers was formed when Alex and Ryan wanted to try starting a band a little different from the rest. The boys recruited Dan after speaking to him at the same rehearsal studio that they used. Ryan invited Jay to come up and try an electric guitar as jay was in an acoustic band at the time. Jarrad and Morgan were introduced through mutual friends which brings us to the full line up. ​ The band played their first gig in May 2015 and since then the project and dream become a reality. Upbeat Sneakers have been up and down the UK regularly playing to live audiences, attracting early interest from record labels, producers and promoters with their infectious upbeat tunes coupled with lyrics that have something to say to people across generations. The band have been recognised to use there music to spread messages and voice their opinions, and delivering it in a way that people listen. Music is a great vehicle and the socially conscious boys use it to spread their messages.
​ Upbeat Sneakers are well knows for their lively shows and festival sets. You need to come to a show to experience just how much energy the band have. In the hot and sweaty live environment you find the answer to why things are progressing at a fast pace for the boys. People want to dance, but to real songs from real musicians with real energy and Upbeat Sneakers have already started to prove to people that they can start a party.

So far the band have secured UK Major festival and high profile support slots with world famous bands Madness, The English Beat and Bad Manners. They have also been played on the radio internationally playlist by BBC Radio Wales and have been played on the UK's biggest radio station, BBC Radio 1. ​ Don't forget to check out the Store to get yourself some tickets and a T-Shirt to join the mayhem at a show near you!

The band line-up is;

Alex - Vocals ​ Ryan - Sax / Vocals

Dan - Drums

Jarrad - Guitar

Morgan - Trumpet

Jay - Bass / Vocals

*BBC Radio 1 *- "They have been grabbing attention with their lively festival sets, up next is the fresh sound of Upbeat Sneakers. This is Current Affairs."

BBC Radio Wales - "I love that song, it just wants to make you get up and dance. Definitely going to see Upbeat Sneakers live soon."

*Swn Festival *- “Proper ska lifers, despite being a gang of kids from Merthyr Tydfil, Upbeat Sneakers bring rough and fresh bursts of energy and swagger to their chosen genre. Fusing classic Prince Buster style to the kind of boisterousness that the Libertines or Arctic Monkeys used to have, it's ska heaven in a pint glass, like a Wetherspoons on Bond Street, so get stuck right in".

YPN (Young Promoters Network) Tweeted - "Say hello to your favourite new festival band @swnfestival it's @Upbeat_Sneakers ".

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