Joeyfat - Ye Bloody Flux

Limited edition 2 x CDr set in custom printed hand-numbered brown paper bag sleeve with numerous inserts, just 200 copies.


01: Joeyfat - People Come To Your House. 02: Joeyfat - Amusement. 03: Joeyfat - Sugarhead. 04: Joeyfat - Windscreen. 05: Joeyfat - Cushion Fed. 06: Joeyfat – Perfumery, Incendiary (7” version). 07: Joeyfat – My Life As A Counter Puncher (7” version). 08: Joeyfat – Big Dumb Ape (7” version). 09: Joeyfat – Borriquito. 10: Joeyfat – My Name Is Sue Testament (Live). 11: Joeyfat – The Dribbler (Live). 12: The Ape Choir – In Conversation. 13: The Ape Choir – Eaves Treasure. 14: Joeyfat – Five Minute Watch. 15: Joeyfat – Valréas to Villard de Lans (180 km). 16: Joeyfat – D’ye Ken. 17: Joeyfat – But My Legs Belong To Daddy. 18: Sstres – Sans Liens 14. 19: The Monochromat Fixation – one3six. 20: Joeyfat – Know Thyself · And Suffer. 21: I, Coelacanth – Jolly G.S.R. 22: Joeyfat – Meal Moth. 23: I, Coelacanth – Untourage. 24: I, Coelacanth – A Hearth. 25: Joeyfat – Steak Pie (Instrumental) (Live). 26: Joeyfat – Pile of Coats (Assorted). 27: I, Coelacanth – Djumm. 28: Penguini Sinistero - Mein fuß Tut Weh.

Cat. No. un094. __ Edition of: 200.

Joeyfat present the 28 track rarities collection 'Ye Bloody Flux', released on Unlabel on 19th September 2011 as a strictly limited edition, hand numbered double CD set in a brown paper bag sleeve with numerous inserts, and as a digital download.

It runs in chronological order and includes early demos, alternate versions from early 7"s, compilation tracks, live material and other ideas from 1992 to date and is released now to tidy things up before the release of the long awaited brand new album proper in 2012.

Alongside the Joeyfat tracks are several 'home demos' in the form of the I, Coelacanth pieces (how most Joeyfat tracks start out in Jason's front room) as well as some other things involving the band's personnel - The Ape Choir (Jason, Matt, Lawrence), Sstres (Jason dismantling a piano), The Monochromat Fixation (unjohn) and Penguini Sinistero (Jason and unjohn).

The double CD edition is limited to just 200 hand numbered copies and comes in a custom printed brown paper bag sleeve with numerous inserts. Also available as a digital download from Bandc