Unlabel Is an independent record label based in Tunbridge Wells Kent run in partnership with the renowned local venue ‘The Forum’. Created in 1996 to release music for the band Joeyfat by the bands bassist Jason Dorman and then manager Phil Avey, taking considerable inspiration from American post punk labels such as SST and Discord and the wanton self - sufficiency of local hero Billy Childish. Unlabel worked with the Forum to establish Tunbridge Wells as a fertile area for new and developing music.

With Phil moving to promote gigs in London, fanatic local music fan John Bamfield took up the mantle of Unlabel broadening the labels reach and scope, connecting the label with many of the countries self-determining, underground artists.

If you are looking to see how Unlabel has bettered the nation’s musical economy, we can point you to some of the artists who have found their feet on the label including Slaves, Everything Everything and Tom Williams and the Boat. If you want a journey the labels core, so beloved of John Peel, seek out Cove, Charlottefeild, October All Over, Unhome and Hunter’s Loaf.

Joeyfat will always run like a spine through Unlabel, collaborating, inspiring and turning the wheel of independent minds and music beyond the boundaries of East London.

‘You must.’ – John Peel