Transference is a new modern day Psychedelic incarnation that features a core musical unit and features guest vocalists from all around the world. To put it simply Transference takes a musical fusion of Pink Floyd meets Tangerine Dream approach to the song writing and production style and delivers it with the pomp and ceremony of a Rick Wakeman theatrical spectacular.

Presenting "Transference" a journey into the unknown and with no two performances the same, the level of unpredictability of the players and their collective presentation of the music to the audience is always a welcome surprise. With the inclusion of specialist lighting, bubble machines, strobe lighting and back projection, "Transference" creates the total visual experience. Coupled with our latest 3D animated video produced by Ben Wheatley which is currently being featured on RAGE, the band intends to raise performance art to a whole new level. Imagine a giant red ant savaging the remnants of Stonehenge and then being beamed into space to forever orbit the surrounding planets of our solar system.

The band feature a wide array of talents and performance experience to create a well rounded and highly engaging musical carousel of carnival sounds, psychedelic visuals and a deeper penetration into the psyche for those searching for more in a world spiralling out of control. As strange as the set up seems to be, each element of the performance is meticulously planned to ensure that while there is cohesion, the mileposts offered are only designed as reference points to allow the band the free form expression they need to present their art without the constraints of normal stage performance.

The core band consists of Michael Puskas (all guitars), Julian Reid (bass and lead vocals), Medyhne Lebachen (lead vox & tambourine), Loughlin Harrick (drums), Steven Harris (piano, keyboards and vocals) and is further enhanced by guest instrumentalists, John Heinrick (Flute, Sax, Oboe) and international vocalists. In order to test the water the band signed a straight single release deal with, “Out of the Box” Records / Sony Music (USA) and the first single, “Witching Stones” was well received at both FM and internet radio garnering a small global following that has been further capitalised on via the social networking platforms of Facebook (10,800), Twitter (2,447), Reverbnation (4,847) etc The digital version of “Skywatchers” was released to critical acclaim in November 2012 and continues to do well today.

The video concepts are designed around presenting a psychedelic experience similar to that of “Pink Floyd” and feature dynamic artistry, stop motion animation and other dynamic conceptual art to really help the band stand alone and “rise above the noise”. With tracks like Transference, Eloquence and Winged Serpent already enjoying good You Tube combined coverage of over 220,000 views collectively and the Jango radio page has been slowly building a strong fan base of over 1000+ FANS, the band are set to take their unique brand of iconic music with that all important modern musical edge to new heights.

Most recently and after scouring the market for available labels with the right healing mentality the band decided to sign the new album “the Navigators” to the eclectic Dynamik Records in Ireland and the UK and are distributed in the UK and Western Europe by Universal. The first single “Lady Isis” was released with a well rounded PR campaign and garnered the interest of Sacred Music Radio (globally) and has had three tracks play listed for December 2014 which will feature, Winged Serpent, Zarathustra and Lady Isis to their steadily growing global fan base. Most of the instrumental tracks have been licensed to platforms such as, Omnicom, Starbucks (USA), Express in Music (Asia), Music Samurai (Aust), Music Supervisor and the Song Hunters in the USA. Official Website Bandpage Check out our artist page at DyNaMik Records []

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