In Circles - Single - masses.

In Circles - Single

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In Circles

"You are, and you were, good times and a place in my history. You are, and you were, smiling eyes standing out in my periphery..."dwells a contemplative Cain Cookson, masses. frontman.

In Circles, the band's first release since February'sI Couldn't Be Happier EP, takes their signature synth-soaked alternative rock to the next level, and its wistful singalong chorus is a sign of things to come. Proponents of ‘pop with a difference’,masses. are aiming squarely at writing indie anthems destined for the radio, whilst side stepping lyrically vapid subject matter and lazy musical arrangements.!

"We see this single as a benchmark moment. Its a statement, in terms of the level that we are aiming for as a group. If you're into this, watch out for what’s coming up next...” !

In Circles,together with the brooding B-side Sleep,will bethe last release before the band embarks on it's ambitious twelve|twelve project; a plan to write, record and release one song every month for the next twelve months.