The State emerged from the varying musical and artistic interests of its founder, Andy Guy. Originally hailing from the USA, he moved his home base to England and set about on his diabolical experiment of industrial music punctuated with metal and post-punk into a dark and tortured alarm.

The sound of The State can best be described as an interweaving of heavy driven guitar and synth riffs held together with a rhythm section to march to within a horrific soundscape led by a voice of aggression. The goal has always been to provoke and encourage people to question the political and social reality of their world. With Andy on vocals, synths and guitar, the lineup is completed by Will Goodey on guitar and James D’alessandro on drums.

A background in art and music technology has led to all of the music and visuals being self-produced which consists of 2 albums, 4 EPs, 6 singles, and 7 music videos that have been released since 2012. A series of 3 new connected EPs are in the works along with more music videos for 2020.

After playing several sell out shows in their home turf in the east of England, The State had the privilege of being main support for Sometime The Wolf on their album launch last year in Leeds.

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