Old School Punk Rock brought kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, then tied to a chair and force fed your demons.

Regulars on BBC6 Music Steve Lamacq, two albums, supported the Buzzcocks, The Godfathers, The Dead Boys, Wonk Unit, Pauline Murray, played Rebellion festival in Blackpool, Vive le Rock cover CD, worked with Quadrophenia's Phil Davis.

"Imagine Debbie harry being kicked up the arse by Pete Shelly while Poly Styrene looks on approvingly".

"uncompromising goes for the kill" - Vive Le Rock

"A citrus sharp punk edge that have an X-Ray Spex meets PJ Harvey vibe.
The band knock out real switchback ride punk, thrillingly tight and ready to rumble" - The Crack

"Whilst The Band For Disease Control And Prevention embrace punk and post punk origins they are not mired in the past, their influences might be old school but this is a band that have carved their own dark niche in the UK’s DIY punk scene". - ThePunkSite.com

Event Highlights
Head Noise Live
Boris Johnson is a Knob