Eccentric two-piece The Stiffys have become darlings of the Australian rock scene since the release of their debut 13 minute album last year, and the pair haven't stopped touring since - including support slots with Bam Margera, David Liebe Hart (Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job), The Beards, Snowdroppers, Gay Paris and the Big Day Out.

Jason Leigh (bass) and Adam Stagg (drums) have developed a cult online following due to their positive social messages and instructional videos, as well as their hard partying lifestyle. They have just launched their latest EP, WE ARE GROOVY BOYS.

"It's like if Death From Above 1979 were Australian and drunk their whole career." - 4ZZZ radio.

"Just two more words, really. Boogie Boarding. Surf rock crowd pleaser and all-round cool guy song is pure genius – it only has two words. Opening with heavy drums and a raging bass line, the boogie boarding mantra begins, hooking you in all its combinational glory. Hard rock at its finest." -

"The Stiffys have become a hugely in demand act on the live circuit. What makes this band so likeable are Leigh’s juicy baritone, his low tuned guitar that appears to be run through a bass amp and a guitar amp and Adam Stagg’s visceral drumming. It is the energy and, suitably, the grooviness of We Are Groovy Boys that makes this release so likable." - Beat Magazine.

"Cheeky punks." - The Age.

“The Stiffys are an anomalous, curious entity in Australian's musical landscape. Their deft lyricism and navigation of recurring themes coupled with a refined stylistic sensibility sees them present as descendents of story-tellers like Cohen, Dylan and Cave.” – Nick Clarke, Poncho TV.

"You’ll definitely want to be The Stiffys’ mate, but perhaps not their manager." - The Music.

"My love affair with The Stiffys only began a few weeks ago, but boy, has it been intense. They’re my ultimate band, really – two bearded men in sailor outfits singing songs about sexy lemonade and erections." - It's My Kinda Scene.

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