The Raft is no longer responsible for all the bookings at Henry's Cellar Bar in Edinburgh, but individuals involved with the Raft will continue to work on specific events with Henry's Cellar Bar, and other venues as appropriate.

The Raft itself is currently looking for another space(s) to float onto and run full time, but in the meantime will be hosting one-off events exploring various venues.

The events listed here are all either Raft gigs or "Raft-approved" events run either by Claire / Nora / Wallet directly, or other friends and collaborators of the Raft...

Watch this space for future exciting developments, and in the meantime you can email Claire with any enquiries:

claire at theraft dot org dot uk

Dominic Waxing Lyrical (21/08/15)
THE LEG (21/08/15)
Breakfast Muff (08/08/15)
Min Diesel (13/08/15)
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