A unique cross-over orchestra providing a rousing and captivating fusion of alternative and pop with a classical twist.

“Paul is an exceptionally talented songwriter and musician” Joan Armatrading

Performing both songs and instrumental pieces, Paul Dunton and his orchestra offer something different, combining Paul’s own original instrumental pieces and songs as well as a selection of uniquely arranged standards from a wide range of artists such as Nina Simone, The Rolling Stones, Elbow, Pink Floyd, The Beetles, ELO and Massive Attack.

Members of The Paul Dunton Orchestra include some of the UK’s leading string players, many of which play for the likes of The London Philharmonic Orchestra and The Hallé Orchestra. The line-up of up to 8 violins, 4 cellos, guitar, flute, bass and percussion accompanies Paul on vocals and piano, joined by one or more of his female vocalists, Charlotte Andrew, Sarah Sheldrake and Poppy Alice. Depending on the size of the venue and budget, the orchestra can perform as a 12-piece up to its full complement of 24 musicians.

With national reviews hailing the breathtaking live sound and sheer originality and atmosphere of his works, the orchestra regularly performs concerts, festivals and private events throughout the UK and internationally, including an 8-state tour of the USA which culminated in a spectacular roof-top performance on top of the New York Strand Hotel.

Increased attention and success has led to a feature on the orchestra on Radio 2 by Joan Armatrading with interviews and airplay of one of Paul’s songs, ‘Don’t Forget’. The feature led to Paul supporting Joan Armatrading as a part of her UK tour and is now supporting her for a second time (November 2014).

“So, what is musicality? It’s achieving a solid equilibrium between the importance of lyricism, catchy tunes and the passion driving both. Paul Dunton has that in spades” Play Music Magazine

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Sirens EP Promo video Dark On Fire – Turin Brakes Extinct - original instrumental Home – Original song Teardrop – Massive Attack

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