Soyuz Rats EP Release show, Bald Wife. TBA


The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+

Soyuz Rats

“Soyuz Rats are a fearsome guitar and bass combination. Primal shouting and screaming makes way for a swirling crescendo of noise and effects that paint a dystopian landscape of Orwellian proportion. Their music could become the re-make soundtrack to '1984' or equally Gilliam's 'Brazil'. Intensely atmospheric, especially when bathed under blood-red spotlights, this felt as much a soundscape installation as it did a gig performance.“ David Auckland – Anglia Squared blogspot Initially an improvised soundscape project, things got a (bit) more organised, incorporating elements of punk, no wave, krautrock, black metal and post rock to create loud, free flowing, sonic noise rock. Using bass/guitar/drumloops/samples/vocals, Soyuz Rats move from stoner riffs to ethereal drones without anyone else noticing. Watch this space for upcoming release with Adorno records!


Duo noise punk rock!


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