Tenderhooks are a banging in your face 7 piece alt rock pop blues everything but the kitchen sink originals band from the sunny south coast of England. A place called Brighton. They craft unbearably catchy, singalong, toe tapping, hand clapping uplifting, joyous tunes. Infectious and memorable all in a current bun!

Markus singer/alto sax/writer, Ben lead guitar, Mike bass, Paul guitar, Dave drums, Nick on keys and Scott and Maria on bvs and percussion make up the band.

Tenderhooks have a busy summer schedule of Festivals and gigs, including Seaford Motorfest, Rhythmtree Festival, Chiddfest, CleverGreen Festival and many more. it's been a very busy summer. Things are looking very promising.

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Album release dates Devil Rides White Horses 2005 Eco Warrior 2007 Tenderhooks 2010 Loving Sword 2015 North Star 2017 Skeleton Dance 2019

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