It is said that one day the Sun will swallow the Earth and all other planets.

As it gets closer, the warmth will melt the polar shells, feeding the sea, inciting nature’s rage, finally cursing its revenge upon the Earth and all of its little cities; one by one, being by being. Crumbs of rubbish will carry diseases that have been developed over thousands of years. Countless new forms of animals will be twisting, moving and dancing their way through their insanity – a gift from the endless tons of toxic trash we recklessly harboured. Waves will grow higher than our skyscrapers.

There will be no place to go; nowhere to hide. Flesh, bone and blood.

All will be one again.*

Water will be earth; stone will be sea.

Stone Sea is comprised of two words that oppose each other completely. "Stone" symbolizes our inner strength and steadfast elements in our life and "Sea" represents how life is ever-changing and dynamic. Our music reflects this idea, blending powerful riffs with carefully constructed musical ideas, to show the contrast between strength and submission, serenity and fluctuation, stone and sea.

Alternative Rock band that blends riff-driven groove metal with World Music. Originated in São Paulo – Brazil but has assumed its current form in Dublin – Ireland.

Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso - Vocals & Guitar

Jonathan Parminter - Bass & Backing Vocals

Connor Middleton - Drums