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Shayper - Take A Stand EP


Never Forgotten

Here at Serial Killaz we get excited on another level when a brand new artist to the label turns up at our door with a bag of unreleased tracks, created especially for us. You can imagine how we felt loading up this EP from newcomer Shayper, donning our futuristic space suits and throwing all kinds of mental shapes around the studio. What you’re getting here with the ‘Take a Stand’ EP is 4 tracks made in the future so strap in and embrace the ride.

‘Never Forgotten’ is like a bullet train on acid with its crushing breakbeat slices, pitched up female vocals and a kick drum that wallops so hard it should come with some kind of health warning. Mix that with an instrumental interlude that oozes sonic excellence, providing that essential breathing space before going in all over again.

Talking of which, up next is ‘Breathe’, a certified corner creeper and no doubt one to get lost in. It’s a murky little number that will have your heels sinking into the carpet in true nightmare fashion; easy to get sucked in, hard to get out. Flipping the script a full 360 degrees with ‘Sunsets’ where Shayper demonstrates his softer side, blending 80’s synth pads with soft vocals before adding a touch of spice to the bassline melody. Quirky and outside of the box, just what we like.

Ending on a high with ‘Free’ and it’s glossy piano tinkering, shuffling breaks and devastating highs and lows. A bit like the last 12 months really with it’s many ups and downs, twists and turns. A top quality end to the EP and certainly a track that was put in last place to make you sit up and think...maybe I should take notice of finishing tracks a bit more. Banger.

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