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Jump up stalwart Rowney returns to the Serial Killaz imprint for the first time in six years. After a decade and a half in the game, the North West-based drum and bass producer remains a perfect fit for the label.

The title track opens the EP with its acidic womps, bouncing bass stutters, and airy snares provide plenty of variety for any jump up DJ to work into a vicious routine of chops and blends.

Crowd Bounce swiftly follows and is set to produce scenes described by the eponymous vocal sample. A switch from late-00’s reese basses in the introduction to high-energy jump up wobbles at the climax increases energy levels throughout the track.

Down Diggy is next up. Aggressively dissonant womps and wubs inject the track with Rowney’s staple brand of jump up filth, all the while balanced by RnB vocals and full-on drums.

One Time brings a distinctly Belgian vibe to the release. The low-end interplay between laser-like bass shots and guttural-yet-robotic growls elevate the no-nonsense attitude to a new extreme.

Rowney switches for a more melodic bassline in Right Here. Layered, shuffling drums and a digital bassline paired with a soulful vocal sample create a peak-time banger ready to ignite any dancefloor.

Survival, a heavyweight collaboration with Complex, closes the release. A chromatic bassline making use of intense sound design, coupled with punchy drums, produces arguably the most intense cut from the release.

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Harley D - Junglist EP

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Harley D returns to Serial Killaz with six furious drum and bass tunes. Over the past few years, the Birchington-based artist has been nothing short of prolific with his output. His latest EP is testament to the fact that quantity does not sacrifice quality when you are a machine in the studio.

The title track commences the EP. Rave stabs and an eponymous vocal sample precede a descending bassline which plummets into oblivion, before emerging again layered with digital squelches bound to twist the face of even the most seasoned raver.

Bun Up The Place follows and delivers on the promise made by the title. Syncopated jungle drums switching out break samples with ease and seriously warped 808s give a contemporary twist on an oldschool vibe.

Lanes comes next. Demonic bass design, stripped-back drums, and patois vocals filled with attitude result in one heavy stepper bound to do damage in the dance.

Harley D makes use of his signature fluid basslines in Realest. More patois vocal samples and and occasional wobbly 808s bring additional movement to an already groove-laden tune.

Another aptly titled track, Let Them See You Move, is set to produce the described results. Shuffling drums, bouncy descending 808s, and commanding vocals make crowd control too easy for any selector who draws for this one.

Sun At Last (with Indecision) closes the release. Dubbed out vocals, rolling drums, and a ghostly bassline are sure to keep any crowd moving until the early hours of the morning and beyond.

Alphaze Pirelli EP

Alphaze returns to Serial Killaz with six cuts of jump up filth.

After a successful outing as a featured artist on StillZ’s All I Need EP earlier this year, the jump up extraordinaire brings more of his signature womp-laden sound to the label.

The title track (featuring G3) opens the EP. Taking no prisoners from the outset, thick drums instantly take the energy to maximum levels. A hot eight bars of vocals before a meaty bassline on the drop create a tune as fast and furious as the title suggests.

Light Steps follows with a melée of syncopated kicks, weighty snares, and distorted basslines. Guaranteed to send dancefloors into a frenzy whenever hurled through a rig.

Oh Yeah reintroduces archetypal two-step drums interspersed with massive kick rolls, all tied together with more womps and wubs.

Next up is The General. A deep, pulsating bassline, snappy drums, and a sample shared with a standout piece of ‘90s jungle are sure to command any crowd presented with this tune.

The penultimate track, Hostile (featuring Nexus), takes contemporary jump up to its limit. Metallic Belgian-style basses, a flurry of kick drums, and larger-than-life snares are begging for a chop and a blend.

Smoke closes the release. Skippy drums, bitcrushed basses, and rude vocals combine for a tune designed to cause maximum damage in the dance.

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Jenks & ACP - Gangsters EP

Two of the most exciting prospects on the jump up circuit join forces once again. This time, Jenks and ACP unite for a mighty five-track EP.

Rising to prominence with a string of high-performing releases and collaborations between them, the two producers bring their vicious brand of drum and bass to the prestigious Serial Killaz label.

Dark World opens the EP with a captivatingly eerie digital melody interspersed by crisp sampled breaks. Eight bars of two-step drums and eight bars of breaks and kick rolls later, brutal wubs and roaring subs cut through the mix. Play with caution; this one is sure to take heads off in the dance.

High Key follows with a tasteful blend of contemporary sounds and soulful late-90’s jump up, channelling early V and Full Cycle releases. Bouncy and wobbly 808s paired with effervescent effects drive the track forwards with no compromise.

The title track, Gangsters, continues proceedings. Four and a half minutes of unadulterated filth complete with dissonant pads, call and response bass stabs, and punchy drums makes for a tune as menacing as the name suggests.

Next up is Dummy. Heavy drums and meaty basses develop throughout the track, taking energy levels higher and higher. One serious stepper.

Going Down rounds out the release. Fierce synthesised horn stabs and snare rolls pave the way for an even more intense climax. Syncopated drums are switched out for a two-step pattern after four bars, coinciding with a gunfinger-raising ascending bassline.

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