Noxxic & 10AD - Shank VIP EP

After the recent success of his 'Body Drop EP', Noxxic returns to Serial Killaz Recordings, with long time sparring partner 10AD, for the follow up to 2022's 'Shank EP'.

The Shank VIP EP consists of four, face-melting bangers including, of course, the highly anticipated VIP mix of title track "Shank". This one will be familiar to most of you due to it being absolutely hammered by Hedex over the last year or so, and it's iconic Football Factory sample leading into some aggy, hooligan jump up!

Quick Hands sees the pair utilising a frantic two-step drum pattern and a grizzly reese bassline which leads into a drop featuring an equally steppy call-and-response bass pattern supplemented with shuffling percussion.

10AD rides solo for Throwback, with atmospheric strings and tight drum work leading into bass wobs, growls, and eerie vocal samples to create a peak-time banger sure to cause some serious damage on the dancefloors.

To close proceedings Noxxic takes the controls for Neck Brace. Eastern horns, crisp drums and hip hop vocals build wildly into an infectious, stuttered bass drop to create a furiously wonky groove that will devastate the clubs and raves alike.

Hijacker - Insomnia EP


After being introduced to the label via Complex's 'Noctural EP' last year, Hijacker finally makes his debut proper for Serial Killaz Recordings.

The Insomnia EP consists of four tracks of grotty jump up with the title track going straight for the jugular with its old skool stabs and relentless bass wobble, whilst Haters cuts a tense but grizzled groove with its hypnotic vocal sample and grimy bass stabs.

Poppin' (in collaboration with UK producer Temple) is a furious peak-time banger that has been getting wheeled up from Bristol to Brighton whilst final track 'Corpse' ends the EP on a frantic high with its eerie vocal sample and wonky bassline. Seriously naughty stuff.

CLB - Murky Waters EP


Chicago-based producer CLB is set to make waves with his forthcoming EP on Serial Killaz Recordings. This three-track release promises to deliver a unique sonic experience with its blend of dirty beats and intense energy.

The EP kicks off with a bang with "Something in the Water," a track that utilises an iconic vocal sample from the film Jaws. The ominous atmosphere and relentless beats have made this a much sought after dub over the last few months.

CLB doesn't let up with the EP's second track, "Distress Signal". Old skool stabs and growling, low end basslines create an intense sonic landscape, showcasing CLB's skill in crafting dynamic and immersive drum & bass compositions.

For the third and final track CLB collaborates with producer 9mm, CLB brings a fresh perspective to the EP with "Meditation." This track seamlessly combines the production prowess of both artists, resulting in a hard, gritty roller.

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