New Release: StillZ - Crowd A People

StillZ returns to Serial Killaz far quicker than a delivery of diesel at your local Shell. In fact, he’s produced a top quality EP to follow his previous Serial Killaz release quicker than most producers reply to text messages. The ‘Crowd of People’ EP is a serious jump up onslaught of hard hitting beats and bass for your speakers so be ready!

Title track follows up where ‘Hypnosis’ left off, some crafty DJs might even enjoy making an audio jam sandwich of the pair, slapping them in the mix and switching in and out of them. It’s an obvious rough and tough affair with snappy breaks and ear worm melodies, perfect for swinging your jaw along to. StillZ brings along Jay Jay for the ride with ‘Nasty’. A concoction of early 2000’s jump up vibes and skippy drums that will have you smiling from ear to ear which is a strange one considering the title of the track.

‘On Road’ was once a well known term to drop into every single conversation if you were an up and coming DJ or MC pre lockdown and as you may have guessed.. It’s back in full effect with every single artist currently “back on road fam”. No bad thing for sure and this absolute weapon of a tune will have every little man running away whilst filming it for Instagram live.

Catching a break, StillZ links up with Stoyley for the final track of the EP. ‘Dat Ting’ is a full on MC lead head nodder full of mashed up breaks that will have you nodding your head into 2022 and beyond. One for the speaker stack crew who enjoy being fully immersed in sound.

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New Release: Sub Killaz - Out for Blood EP

Download or Steam:

Sub Killaz have worked so hard in the studio as of late that they are really out for blood and by that, we don’t mean a rack of AK47’s and a box of C4, oh no. It’s obviously the blood of other producers who claim to make authentic jump up but really only slap an awful amount of high pitched nonsense together. We don’t send indirects here at Serial Killaz, only death threats by first class delivery. Who’s got mail?

Title track ‘Out for Blood’ takes place somewhere around 2005 with extra beef and more rolling eyes in the back of your head than you can shake a soggy stick at. It’s like a nostalgia trip for anyone championing jump up back then and no doubt, a vibe Sub Killaz have been representing for a long time. ‘Bad Ass MF’ ticks along at a rapid pace, its infectious drum programming and wobbly low end catapults you on a sonic trip, providing enough power till the very very end of days.

Pause for a second as ‘In The Night’ slaps in a false sense of security with its dreamy pads and all kinds of sonic delight. We won’t mention the sample here but when you hear it, oh gosh... What a treat. Head knocking bass and then some. Licking off heads with the final installment of the EP by way of ‘Tryhard’ which is something Sub Killaz and Serial Killaz (bit of a tongue twister!) have no issues at all with. Effortless beats and bass for your ear and if you love REAL jump up and not the nonsense trend of 2020, get your bloody ears around this.

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New Release: Serial Killaz - Badman Selecta

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We know what you’re saying right now.. “We loved the one with MC Spyda but we want more” and you know what, we got you! Thankfully the time for brand new jungle riddims is now so if you’re sitting on these tunes wondering what to do then you’re already late off the mark. This double A side onslaught of top class material is strictly for those that know.

Top shelf business a run with ‘Badman Selecta’. A tune so true to form everyone is already wishing it was pressed to acetate and one that every single jungle DJ should be representing from the off. Classic breaks, silky dub siren FX and everything else that forms the magic melting pot of jungle music not forgetting some wicked vocals in the mix. Foundation business.

Spraying a fine red line inna dance, marking ‘Territory’ by the only way we know how; clash style. Head to head DJ sets really should be making a comeback anytime now, tune for tune selection.. You know the drill! Full of history, tons of MC one shots and a low end so full of attitude it will make you chug a Red Stripe, screw up your face and flash a lighter for as long as the gas lasts.

Much more to come for 2021, watch the ride.

New Release: Jam Thieves - Sativa

One of the few artists on the drum and bass circuit to have really crafted his (yes solo now!) own sound from scratch has to be Jam Thieves and this killer 5 track EP presented by Serial Killaz is certainly testament to the ability to be both instantly recognisable and bloody good at the same time.

The ‘Sativa’ EP kicks your block off straight away with menacing chords and drums typical of this level of production. You will notice little cheeky stabs and effects all over the place which no doubt adds to the tension the title track creates plus that ever so wobbling bassline.

‘Paranoia’.. You what mate? Nah, not us. The ‘Simon Says’ sample is pretty god damn demanding here, just make sure you’re not following an MCs request to “sit down, sit down, sit doooooown’ during the drop. Some grand piano licks run forward into ‘Bizness’, complimented by some more snazzy breakbeats and a grotty old bassline with just a touch of distortion making it that perfect accessory to whatever Jam Thieves gets up to under the cover of darkness. ‘Heavy Duty’ has a kind of Robot Wars vibe going on so if you’re still into that kind of thing, it’s the perfect combination of mental destruction and flaming swords but in a musical form.

Closing the doors on the EP, Jam Thieves really went to town with ‘Situation’ and if you really want to appreciate the levels to this track, it’s very important to use some good monitors and a whopping great sub. We don’t mean a 10” either, save that for your pop and bass melodies. Check the vocal sample too while you’re at it.

Want to get serious about upfront jungle music? Cop this.

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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