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Harley D - Bud Business EP


The Jungle
Bud Business
You Feel
Check This

Fresh from his success with the ‘Bassline Thumpin’ EP, Harley D is back on the Serial Killaz label for another fresh instalment of future jungle. The selection on the ‘Bud Business’ EP is nothing short of mind blowing so strap in, hold tight and watch the ride.

‘The Jungle’ comes straight in with full on blockbuster movie vibes. Atmospheric overload right from the tap of the start button to the point where Harley D really pulls out all the stops to fully embrace your ears. A combination of classic hardcore breaks, distorted drawn out lead bass notes and a ton of vocal stabs to really make you feel like you have either lost the plot or are actually stuck inna jungle.

Title track ‘Bud Business’ flexes out a calmer tone, introducing Harley’s swing step into the mix alongside ragga vocals and smoothed out pads. It’s a versatile beast this one, aimed at the dancefloor under a heavy haze of weed smoke and green lazers. ‘Bad’ brings forth that ever present Purge drone alongside a modulating low end sine wave that's bound to cause every single window in your street to vibrate. Cheeky vocal stabs and chord pads create tension in the mix.

‘You Feel’ may well remind you a little of ‘Hyperspace’ depending on how you’re listening to it. Stuck in a mind vortex? If not, you may well be after this one. 2 step breaks, dreamy female vox and layers of bass take you on a sonic trip from the off. Rewind and come again! Sliding into the outro with ‘Check This’ which sets precedent for future Serial Killaz outings with a tough as nails lead bassline that rips through speaker boxes like a chainsaw and then some. Like dubstep at 175? This one you.

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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