SCARLET ARCHITECT was founded in Chicago, IL, USA, in the Autumn of 1981. Following a Kraftwerk concert, songwriter Doug Chamberlin and lead guitarist Ron Rutherford decided immediately to fire their drummer, disband their New Wave group, "Distracted", and form the all synth, Scarlet Architect. In three months they debuted a thirty minute set at Space Place, an early Chicago Punk era venue and rehearsal space playing host to many Chicago bands and performances by the likes of Ministry and Bauhaus. S.A. took part in a free recording opportunity through classes taught by legendary producer, Iain Burgess: free recording time for playing guinea-pigs to recording engineer students. S.A. recorded all of their eponymously titled EP released in 1982 as well as all of the music on their latest LP, "Eternal Return" . The only hitch was that the band could not claim the 2 inch master recording. This meant that in order to create "Eternal Return", the tracks had to be remastered from 33 year old cassette tapes! The resulting LP/CD is tribute to the genius of Genetic Music and their mastering engineers in Germany. S.A. opened for many prominent 80s bands such as Lena Lovitch, OMD, Snakefinger, Ministry and Gang of Four to name a few. They also headlined at the finest venues in Chicago such as Joe Shanahan's Cabaret Metro, Club 950 and COD. "Rose Grey", the single culled from their EP received significant exposure in Europe and the UK following exposure on John Peel's program. It spent ten consecutive weeks in the International Rock Pool Dance Charts top ten. By 1983, artistic differences began to take their toll and by 1984 the original three piece band had ended their career. Doug Chamberlin went on to play keyboards and vocals for Al Jourgensen's "Ministry" as well as perform with and produce two CDs for Thom Ayer's Arcanta and play keyboards for Gregory Curvey's Psychedelic powerhouse, The Luck of Eden Hall. In 2011 interest in the unreleased material that S.A. had created began to appear. Several attempts by independent labels to release the material fell through until 2014 when Genetic Music, a Berlin label favouring electronic synth rock, committed to taking the project on. When news of the LP release reached Balcony TV Zurich's producer, Christoph Soltmannowski, he contacted Chamberlin and asked the band to appear on the program and to play an exclusive evening performance in Zurich. This would be the first live performance for Scarlet Architect in 32 years. Band members Ron Rutherford, now living in Seattle, WA and Tim Prettyman in Michigan agrred to the project and plans for a Mini EU Tour were born. An additional show was performed in Antwerp, Belgium at die Kleine Hedonist. The Mini Tour was a grand success and reviews for the new LP/CD have all been enthusiastic and decidedly positive. S.A. music tracks can be found @:SCARLET ARCHITECT - ROSE GREY (BalconyTV) :Joan of Arc