Rosemary & Garlic are the new indiefolk sound from Amsterdam. The first limited edition their first EP The Kingfisher was sold out on Bandcamp within two weeks, making it the best selling new folk-cd on the website. The band first received airplay in the UK on Amazing Radio by Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins), Ruth Barnes and Charlie Ashcroft and has had airplay in Australia and US as well as Brazil and Russia. Vevo released The Kingfisher music video that was filmed on ice in the very north of Sweden. .

Laura Marling spotted the band and put their songs in her favorites playlist on Spotify. Soon after the band appeared in Spotify's The Most Beautiful Songs in the World- playlist.

Rosemary & Garlic has a northern vintage 60s sound with high-pitched vocals by Anne van den Hoogen. The band has colorful soundscapes created by a palet of instruments including electric guitar, cello, melotron, guitar and piano.

Press quotes:

“The Kingfisher provides a small but well formed offering of Rosemary & Garlic’s beautiful sound, striking a remarkable balance between coherence and variety” - Folk Radio UK

“Put simply, Rosemary & Garlic are an absolutely revelation. The duo have crafted my favourite EP of 2015 and easily are in my top discoveries of the year, if not the last several.” - Higher Plain Music

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