Recreations - Baby Boomers CD - Signed - Sam Duckworth

Recreations - Baby Boomers CD - Signed



‘Baby Boomers 2’ is a self-produced collection full of wide-eyed, big-dreaming, conscientious pop songs that are undeniably /him/, but delivered with looser funk, crisper electronics and notably less tubs to thump on. In more ways than one, it sees Duckworth get his groove back.

Comes hand signed by Sam

  1. Zones 9&10
  2. Red Spex
  3. Neoprene
  4. Outdoor Type
  5. Pipe Down
  6. In Good Time
  7. Progress
  8. Forgiveness
  9. Built To Last
  10. Life on the Touchline
  11. Lifestyle Concept Store