Simple, honest pricing.
No set-up or monthly fees, leave at any time.


Create your own marketplace


Your marketplace fully account managed by Music Glue's experts


10% commission

15% commission


Free Ecommerce Website

Fully mobile optimised, unlimited traffic, excellent range of flexible and customisable templates.

No additional fees

Includes all payment and transaction fees.

One Stop Shop

Sell Merch, Music, Fanclub, Tickets & Bundles all in your own marketplace.

Presale Campaigns

On average, 1 in 2 customers buying an album on presale will add another product to their basket.


Automatic user location detection, website displayed in 23 languages & transactions in 26 currencies.


You own all the data - beautifully displayed on an analytics dashboard in real time (fully GDPR/PCI compliant).

Mailing List

Plug in your Mailchimp account and start from scratch or add to your existing list.

Marketing Tools

Mailchimp, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Chart Eligibility

Including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Marketplace Build

You provide the assets, we set up the store (bespoke design pricing on request).

Marketplace Management

We attend to the product changes and amendments needed.

Advanced Marketing Tools

Google shopping, Google advertising and Facebook retargeting.

Enhanced Customer Support

Global customer support team - manage relationships with your customers fully, covering all questions relating to delivery of products or tickets.

Worldwide Warehouse Integration

Integrate with fulfilment warehouses across the world.

Inventory Management Tools

Never run out of stock with automated reminders and alerts linked to real time sales.


Global and Multi-Seller Friendly - Presale, sale or return, consignment… we account to each seller in your marketplace in the required currency.

Advisory Service

Advice on best practice with marketing & conversion - great tips from 12 years experience.

Agency Partnerships

We have several preferred marketing agency partners and can work closely with your digital marketing, social media and/or advertising agency.

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Ticketing - 10% Booking Fee

Anti-Tout Ticketing - we have sold millions of tickets on our own proprietary ticketing platform. Special features include Fan Club / VIP ticketing and Ballot ticketing. Bundle Tickets with any other products.

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Music Glue can act as the Retailer
(with label-friendly accounting)

If you or one of your partners would prefer not to be the retailer, you can choose to use Music Glue's Retail entity. Music Glue Retail order stock from you on consignment and pay you.

We act as a traditional retailer, and we retain the retail margin (based off your dealer price).

Additional Info

Mix and match

Music Glue's platform is designed for the complexity of the music industry. You and your partners each choose the set-up and pricing that is right for you and we automatically split payments to each party.


Commission is a service charge added to the face value of a ticket, paid by your customer. Our flexible billing system means we can pay the promoter directly for the shows if you would like. Minimum service charge £1, €1, US$1.50 or equivalent in other currencies, unless it's free (in which case no charge).

Merch, Music, Digital & Experiences

Commission is deducted from your total transaction value (item price + P&P). Minimum commission 25p, €0.30, US$0.50 or equivalent in other currencies, unless your item is free (in which case no commission). You set the Postage & Packing costs - so you're free to wrap fulfilment costs into them, or offer free P&P.

Payment Terms

Tickets: We pay the business day after the event via BACS, which typically arrives in 1-3 business days.

Merch & Physical: We allow one month after the items have been dispatched before the payment is released so that any customer issues can be resolved. You will receive payment at the beginning of the following month.

You will receive a payment confirmation email, a statement of sales and an invoice for our services (and our partners' fulfilment services when applicable) on the day the payment is sent.

We don’t charge for payouts via Paypal in any currency or via bank transfer in GBP, EUR or USD. We charge an additional 3% on payouts via bank transfer in all currencies besides GBP, EUR or USD.