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Due to the ongoing pandemic we are unfortunately having to close the PQ online store for the foreseeable future. Our local Post Office is now closed and it's unknown how long we will be able to travel to neighbouring villages, so the logical thing is to close for the time being.

Please stay safe everyone, stay at home and follow the guidelines issued by your respective governments.

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Steve and PQ

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all from the PQ lads. We hope 2020 is fantastic year for you all and is a year to begin a new decade in fine style.

We look forward to seeing you at Hammerfest, Galia Metal Fest, Legends Del Rock, Progpower USA and Power Metal Quest Fest during the course of the coming year.

George "The Kid" Karafotis joins Power Quest

Power Quest Press Release 17/08/2018

George “The Kid” Karafotis joins Power Quest

Power Quest are delighted to welcome guitarist George “The Kid” Karafotis into the band. Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, George also plays in the bands Vermillion Days (Greece) and Wild Willy’s Gang (Norway) and was previously a member of Raven Lord and Exorcism.

Power Quest keyboardist and founder member Steve Williams had this to say on the matter. “It’s fantastic news to have George as part of the band. I’ve known him for a couple of years now and our drummer Rich has known him for 5 years since they played together in Raven Lord. George obviously brings a highly skilled level of guitar playing to the table but in addition to that he also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. On top of that he’s just a bloody nice bloke haha! I look forward to hitting the road and the studio with George in the months and years to come. Welcome aboard matey”

George recently travelled to Southampton, UK to meet the band and undertake his first photo shoot as a PQ member ahead of rehearsals and live shows coming later in the year.

George commented as follows

“I can't even describe how happy and excited I am for this new era! It feels so amazing to be a part of this great group of smart, hard working and really talented musicians. I felt so welcome from the very first minute during the photo shoot that I wasn't even sure if I was a new member or if we had been playing together for a few years. I could feel the chemistry already. It was like the perfect balance of espresso and milk in a good hot cappuccino, hahaha!

When I first met Rich, he introduced me to Power Quest and I must say that I got stuck with the Blood Alliance album for many months, so when Steve contacted me about the guitarist's position some weeks ago, I felt that it was a straight "YES" before we even talked about the rest of the band's obligations.

I am really looking forward to hitting the road and the studio with my mates and deliver some high quality power metal to all of our friends/fans for many years to come! The Quest just started for me, see you all soon \m/"

Power Quest woven patches!

Power Quest woven patches are now available to pre-order.

These go on general sale on June 4th 2018

Power Quest announce new bassist!

Power Quest Press Release 16/05/18

Bradley Edison joins Power Quest

Power Quest are delighted to announce that Bradley Edison has joined the band, taking up the bass position recently vacated by PQ veteran Paul Finnie. Brad is the brother of PQ vocalist Ashley and is also the bassist with Dendera who are also fronted by Ashley.

Ashley Edison had the following to say.

“I’m very happy and proud that Brad has joined us here in Power Quest, PQ were one of the bands we discovered together and they were a big part of our childhood. Working with Brad in Dendera has not only shown me what an incredible band mate he can be, but that he is one of the most naturally talented musicians I know, so I’m certain he’s going to be a massive asset to the band. I can promise you all right now that the bass players position is in very safe hands... Welcome to the Quest Brother”

Band leader Steve Williams commented;

“I’m thrilled to welcome Brad into the PQ ranks. When I knew there was going to be a vacancy in the 4/5 string department there was only really one candidate I was interested in and I’m made up that Brad has accepted the position. He played a number of shows with us last year when Paul wasn’t available and it went really well and was great fun so it was a logical choice to call upon Brad to step into the breach. Not only does Brad bring exceptional bass skills but he’s also a very fine singer which will add to the PQ vocal experience without doubt. “

Here’s what Brad had to say about the news.

“I am delighted to be joining Power Quest, a band with such heritage and amazing musicianship. It feels surreal to join a band that I am huge fan of. Back in college I would listen to the Neverworld and Master of Illusion albums on an almost daily basis.

I had the opportunity to perform a handful of shows as a stand in bassist with the band last year and had an incredible time. The Power Quest fans have welcomed me into the family from the start and it was incredibly humbling. I hope I can do justice to the fantastic back catalogue of songs that the band has as well as introduce my own style into the Power Quest sound going forth.

I want to wish Paul Finnie well, you will always be part of the family and we are forever grateful for your wonderful years of service. Thank you for your support over the years and for fighting the good fight. I wish you many years of happiness. Thank you to the rest of my Dendera family Steve, Dave and Andy for your support.

To my new band mates. Ashley, Andy, Rich, Glyn and especially Steve. Thank you for this opportunity. I cannot wait to start this new chapter and to write history with all of you. To everyone else, I look forward to seeing each and every one of you on the road!!

Forever the Quest must go on.”

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UK Tour Dates 2018

Check the events page for details of shows in November 2018 where the band will be in Milton Keynes, London, Bridgend and Portsmouth.

In December 2018 the band will be in Newcastle and Sheffield with two more shows to be announced.

Paul Finnie steps down from the PQ Ranks

Power Quest Press Release 02/05/18

Paul Finnie announces his departure from Power Quest

Power Quest bassist Paul Finnie has revealed that he is leaving the band in order to spend more time with his young family. Paul joined the band in 2009 and played on the Blood Alliance and Sixth Dimension albums along with the Face the Raven EP.

Paul has released the following statement.

“After a great deal of thought and consideration I am sad to say that my time playing with Power Quest has come to end. This is not a decision I have taken lightly, but I do believe it be the right decision at this time in my life.

It has been an absolute honour for me to have experienced the journey to this point with my long time friend Steve. From my time assisting the band on tour as crew/stage manager to stepping into the bass playing role, every moment has been a pleasure and the memories will be with me forever. I'd like to thank Steve publicly for letting me share in his musical journey, for his support and belief, and more importantly a friendship that has and will live on.

I've been lucky enough to live out some of my life ambitions with Power Quest, recording music that has been heard around the world, toured at home and abroad, and shared a stage with some of the most talented musicians to grace the Power Metal Genre. The highlight of my experiences has to have been finally visiting and performing in Japan. In the World of metal this is many a musicians dream, we did it boys, we got there!

I've also been lucky to have been able to meet so many wonderful people around the World who have supported Power Quest over years. The love and support that each and every one of you guys shows the band is humbling and heart warming, and it's one of the things I will miss the most. I look forward to now joining you all in giving the boys even more support in the future. I'm sure you may occasionally see me coming along to some shows, and I look forward to belting out some classic PQ choruses with you all.

Steve, Rich, Ash, Andy, and Glyn, you guys are not just friends for life, you're more like family........the PQ family. Thank you guys, thank you for understanding, respecting and supporting my decision.

I can only think to leave you now with some words on which I'm we can all agree are very true............You can be sure in the one thing we know, MAGIC NEVER DIES!

Thank you for everything!”

Band leader Steve Williams made the following observations after hearing the news.

“It’s a very sad day for the band, and particularly for me personally, knowing that Paul is no longer going to be part of PQ. As you all know he’s been in the band since 2009 but many of you may not be aware that he was part of our crew from 2005-2009. In that sense he is probably the longest serving person involved with the band other than myself.

I’ve actually been friends with Paul for almost 25 years, long before PQ even started. He is one of my closest friends in the world and there is no doubt that the friendship will continue for another 25 years. I will certainly miss his level headedness and he’s the kind of guy who is always there to help you out of a sticky situation as he has done with me many times over the years.

I fully respect Paul’s decision, even if it is not the one I wanted him to make. As a father he is absolutely right to put his young family at the top of the priority list and I admire him all the more for it. I’m going to miss working with him on the road and in the studio but that is tempered by the knowledge that I may have lost a bass player but I still have an incredible friend.

On behalf of Rich, Ash, Glyn and Andy I wish Paul, Melissa and Chiara all the very best for the future and I look forward to hopping on a plane to Glasgow and seeing them all very soon. Cheers brother! You’ve been a legend…….the PQ legend ☺”

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New Merchandise

PQ Beanie hats and Baseball caps are now available for pre-order :-)

Freedom Call Tour and the shop

Hi guys

While we are on tour with Freedom Call, shirts will be unavailable from the online store as we will have them all on the road with us. If you want to be sure of getting the shirt you want then please make sure you order by February 20th to avoid disappointment. Remaining stock will be available online again from February 27th.



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