How to use a full page landing screen

Some themes give you the ability to add a homepage landing full screen, an area on your homepage where you can showcase large videos or clickable slideshows for maximum wow effect!


You can use a silent auto-playing YouTube video. Here's how:

  1. Find your desired video on YouTube and copy the URL which should be in the format of
  2. In the embed code below, replace the url attribute with your actual video URL:
    [YouTube url="" teleport="false" autoplay="true" mute="true" hideControls="true" loop="true"]
  3. Copy-Paste the full embed code with your ID into the Homepage Slideshow text box in Profile > Designer


You can also add a large slideshow of images. Follow the steps below to create one:

  1. First create an image gallery in Profile > Galleries
  2. Select "Slideshow" from the layout option, click create and add however many images you want to feature in this area of your homepage. You have the option to add a caption and link
  3. Copy the slideshow shortcode
  4. Paste the shortcode into the Homepage Slideshow dedicated box in Profile > Designer

The slideshow will then appear at the top of the first page in your menu.