Formatting Content

Music Glue uses Markdown for text and HTML formatting. A range of ways that you can format your content is listed below. In addition, external services can be embedded with shortcodes.


Create a link by surrounding the link text in square brackets, followed immediately by the URL in parentheses:

[text to link](


You can add images if you have the image URL, but make sure it is on a https URL or you will get security warnings:

![alt text for image](

Bold and Italic

Italic: *example*

Bold: **example**

Bold & Italic: ***example***


First level heading (H1) # Title

Second level heading (H2) ## Title

Third level heading (H3) ### Title

Numbered lists

Any number (followed by a full stop and space):

1. Ordered list item 2. Ordered list item 3. Ordered list item

Bulleted lists

Add an asterisk (*) followed by a space:

* Bulleted list item * Bulleted list item * Bulleted list item

Horizontal rules

You can add a dividing line. To do so, add three or more hyphens on a line by themselves. For example:



If you want to type a formatting character and have it treated as text, type a backslash first. For example:

\** not bold text **