Pete Gardiner

“I really thought Pete had the songwriter's knack... every line seems to spark some new enticing imagery in the mind's eye; every word is beautifully clear so that you know precisely what he was saying (while being left with enough space to imagine your own take on the stories he sings)”. – Oli Steadman, Stornoway.

Pete Gardiner is a rarity, a true songsmith, a poet who sets his stories to music. Pete writes about doomed, alcohol fuelled love affairs, our celebrity obsessed culture, vanity, greed, violence and lust with a style and passion inspired by his songwriting heroes Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen.

Growing up in Northern Ireland in the 90’s, there was no shortage of subject matter for Pete’s unique ability with words. His early demos, which gained support from local BBC radio, caught the attention of a major UK radio group, who then tipped off a record label, which resulted in Pete signing his first recording contract.

Pete’s debut album, recorded with award winning Irish producer Tommy McLaughlin (The Villagers), earned great reviews and the first single ‘Idols’ was featured in ‘Record of the Day’. The follow up, All These Things, was picked up by BBC Radio 2 by presenter Janice Long.

Pete and producer Pol Brennan of the band Clannad, co-wrote the title track for the movie Property of the State which premiered at the Galway film Festival last year.

American song plugger Gil Grand discovered Pete online and, impressed by the storytelling aspect of the lyrics, is now helping Pete write for established artists in the States.

More recently, Pete hooked up with the music company The Animal Farm who saw Pete perform at The Islington in London and were so impressed that they immediately asked to produce Pete’s work.

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